UK issues new code of practice to boost IoT device security

The UK government has developed a new voluntary code of practice to offer manufacturers guidelines to enhance IoT connected devices


The UK government has launched a new voluntary code of practice to assist manufacturers to boost cybersecurity of IoT devices during the product design stage.

According to the government issued report, there are expected to be more than 420 million IoT devices in use across the UK within the next three years.

The code of practice was first drafted in March as part of its Secure by Design report and plays a key role in the governments five-year, £1.9bn ($2.5bn) national cybersecurity strategy to sustain its position as an international leader in the development and uptake of IoT.

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Software company HP Inc. and smart home tech provider Centrica are the first companies to integrate the new code of practice.

According to UK's minister for digital and the creative Industries Margot James, "The UK is taking the lead globally on product safety and shifting the burden away from consumers having to secure their devices.

"The pledges by HP Inc. and Centrica Hive Ltd are a welcome first step but it is vital other manufacturers follow their lead to ensure strong security measures are built into everyday technology from the moment it is designed," she added.

The new code of practice outlines 13 guidelines for manufacturers in relation to storage of personal data, regular software updates, best practice of passwords for protection against emerging security threats for consumers.

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