Uber to utilize AI to solve common business account problems

Uber releases a number of AI-powered solutions to its business accounts to make life easier for users and employers alike


Uber has announced a number of AI-powered features it plans to add to its app, primarily to ease common issues faced by users of business accounts.

The new program, Profile Recommendations, will include two additional features within the app: trip reviewers and in-app resolution. It also announced plans to begin integrating a myriad of new expense softwares into its system to allow users and travel managers to more easily track expenses.

Profile Recommendations will use machine learning to predict whether users intended to use either their business account or personal account to 80% accuracy. Uber has more than 65,000 organizations utilizing its ride-sharing service and claimed it has "analyzed billions of Uber trips each year at an aggregate level", which has enabled the company to "detect patterns and trends that predict the purpose of a trip".

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Trip reviewers, another feature being released, will allow users or businesses to set custom reviewers to oversee teams or individual accounts, easing pressure on travel managers. In-app trip resolution on the other hand, will give users the ability to resolve issues immediately within the app itself. This, it claims, will reduce instances of users emailing the company after the fact, something Uber said it appreciated few people had time to do.

Uber also announced plans to integrate with SAP Concur Locate later this month, which would make it the first ground transportation solution to do so. This, it says, will allow it to ensure the safety of its "thousands of shared customers across the globe [who will now] benefit from enhanced visibility into ground transportation, beyond flight and hotel reservations".

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