Uber to begin banning low-rated riders

Uber riders across Australia and New Zealand must abide by new minimum-rating requirements or risk losing access to the service


Uber is introducing a new minimum-rating requirement for users of the ride-hailing app in Australia and New Zealand. In an announcement released on its website, Uber is updating its community guidelines and will begin removing access to the app for any riders with a rating lower than four out of five stars. The new update will take effect from September 19.

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Uber has said the move will aim to foster an environment of mutual respect and is a parallel to the four-star requirements drivers already have to abide by. Riders will get a number of notifications letting them know they are approaching the minimum threshold to give them a chance to alter their behavior before they are officially banned. Those banned will also lose access to Uber Eats, the food delivery app.

Riders with low ratings have faced difficulties in the past such as not getting picked up by drivers after booking a ride, but they were never banned from the app. However, an Uber spokeswoman appeared confident the move would not impact the vast majority of its customers, stating, "The vast majority of Uber riders in New Zealand have ratings that are higher than 4.5 out of five and we're confident that this change won't affect them."

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