Uber and Mapbox announce upgrade to simplify data visuals

Uber upgrades its data visualization developer toolkit deck.gl with Mapbox GL JS v0.50


Uber has upgraded its open source data visualization library, deck.gl, with a new integration through its partnership with mapping startup Mapbox, offering developers a new tool, MapboxLayer, which creates advanced geospatial data visualizations.

Mapbox and Uber announced their partnership earlier this year and the new integration will be powered by Mapbox GL JS v0.50 custom layer interface. According to Mapbox director of sales engineering Ryan Baumann, some of the features of the new upgrade include the ability to create and render 3D models and add custom layers, "giving full control over what's brought into the map".

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Baumann explained that the Mapbox GL JS toolbox was used to a visualize copious amounts of data sets without effecting performance to understand the information "from mapping hundreds of millions of trips as a ridesharing company, to analyzing network models and cellular coverage as a telecommunications company".

A blog post published by Uber senior software engineer Xiaoji Chen said that the new integration to the ride-sharing company's data visualization platform would introduce possibilities to create "even more tightly integrated geospatial visualizations".

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