Twitter snaps up Fabula.AI to tackle fake news

The social media giant plans to use the London startup's Geometric Deep Learning technology to detect online disinformation and enhance its ML capabilities


Twitter has acquired London startup Fabula AI as it ramps up its efforts at tackling fake news on its platform.

Fabula has developed a technology called Geometric Deep Learning which it has called a "new class" of machine learning (ML), claiming that it exhibits high success rates in detecting online disinformation. It works by analyzing vast datasets to see patterns in how fake news and real news are spread online, likening this to "a very simplified model of how a disease spreads on the network".

Twitter said that the acquisition will allow the social media giant to build its ML capabilities and help it to keep its users safe, see more relevant content on their feed and "improve the health of the conversation".

"There's more to come on how we will integrate Fabula's technology where it makes sense to strengthen our systems and operations in the coming months," a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch. "It will likely take us some time to be able to integrate their graph deep learning algorithms into our ML platform."

The spokeperson added: "We're bringing Fabula in for the team, tech and mission, which are all aligned with our top priority: Health."

The acquisition will see the Fabula team joining a ML research group at Twitter headed up by its senior director of engineering Sandeep Pandey.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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