Twitter bug left hidden tweets searchable by locations

Twitter reveals it is the latest social media giant to have exposed personal data against its users' wishes


Twitter has announced that it discovered and fixed a bug that left a number of tweets publicly searchable by location even after users had asked for the location to be deleted. According to the company, the tweets remained in Twitter's location-based search results "for up to seven days" before the problem was resolved on October 12.

The news was broken to users as a pop-up on October 25, almost two weeks after the bug had been fixed.

"An issue affecting your privacy" the pop-up opened. "On Wednesday, October 10, we identified an issue where if you had selected "delete location information" to remove location data from all your past tweets, some of your tweets were still searchable by location for up to seven days in Twitter search.

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"We fixed this issue and removed these tweets from location-based search results on Friday, October 12," it concluded.

Twitter has not revealed how many accounts were affected by this bug.

Data security has been of particular concern for social media users this year, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in March this year which revealed that the personal data of 50 million Facebook users was harvested without consent. Earlier this month, Google announced it was shutting down Google+ in response to a previously undisclosed security flaw.

Inability to keep data secure, alongside the rise of fake bots and fake news, is just one reason why trust in social media is at an ultimate low, as, according to an Edelman survey, just 41% of people globally said they trust social media.

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