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Think you know it all? Test yourself with the new board game, Cash Flow at Risk.


Up to speed on Syrian corporate tax rates? Happen to know which country is considered the "Switzerland of South America" because of its regional stability and offshore banking?* Then Cash Flow at Risk is the board game for you.

Think of it as Trivial Pursuit–meets–treasury management, with a little role-playing thrown in. As the treasurer of a global company, you're charged with raising 76 million euros to fund an approaching acquisition. You'll have to raise 12 million euros in each of six regions by answering questions on local treasury management, politics, technology, economics, geography, and culture.

*Syria's maximum corporate tax is 35 percent. The "Switzerland of South America" is Uruguay.

Try These Sample Questions

  1. In which country can you invest in a "Central Treasury Unit" that allows its participants to avoid withholding tax on interest paid?

  2. What is the official currency of Malaysia?

  3. Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami is the central bank of which country?

  4. In what year of the 1990s was the Brazilian devaluation crisis?

  5. Which Asian country has a workforce of 108 million people?

  6. In what year did Australia move its currency to the decimal system, changing the currency from the pound to the dollar?


1. France

2. The Ringgit (MYR)

3. Iran

4. 1999

5. Indonesia

6. 1966

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