Tricks to Optimize A Video Campaign

​4 Additional Features That Improve Video Marketing


Businesses have a plethora of marketing tools at their disposal, but nothing is more engaging than marketing with video. In fact, according to comScore, a website that gauges online engagement and usage, 45.4 percent of web users view at least one video online over a 1-month period. That is close to half of the millions of users that surf the web on a daily basis. In addition, an estimated 100 million web users watch an online video per day, according to the same website. 

Why Video Marketing is Effective

From a marketing perspective, videos are more effective in reaching target audiences simply because of their ability to engage customers with more information but with less effort. Think about it. Would you rather watch a marketing video that compresses all the information you need to know in 30-seconds or read a 500-word article about it? Large chunks of paragraphed data are simply less enticing than a fun and immersive video.

Creating a video fit for business marketing takes knowledge and experience unless you want to make an amateur video that achieves nothing but soil your brand. Here are 4 additional features you can include in your video clip.

1 - Catchy Title

Having a catchy title is sometimes more important than the contents of the video itself. A catchy title will draw in viewers more effectively than an overused and dull title will. Pick something that is direct and concise. No one wants to read a title that's an entire sentence long. For instance, if your video is about investing in stocks, try not to go with the common 'Investing 101' or 'Stock Investing Tips'. Instead, go with 'Build Wealth With These 5 Easy Steps' or '3 Smart Practices For Investing Your Capital'

2 - Include Subtitles

Including subtitles is important, especially if the video content is translated in a different language. Subtitling enables you to reach a broader audience. Without subtitles, viewers will likely be unable to act even if they click and see the video since they won't understand it clearly. Even people who do speak the language in your video may sometimes not hear the audio clearly because of environmental or internal factors. In order to convert viewers into subscribed and paying customers, you need to be able to convey your brand's message clearly and subtitles will help you achieve this.

3 - Provide links

If you wish to call your viewers to action, include links at the end of the video or wherever appropriate. Don't leave the video at a dead-end since most viewers are probably not going to make that extra effort in conducting research on your brand outside of that video. Linking to relevant product or service pages and blog posts will add an extra layer of customer engagement, something that increases the marketing value of the video tremendously. If a link doesn't fit the video, try to include a few seconds of video clips that instructs the viewer how he/she can move to the next step.

4 - Short But Captivating Content

You have around 10 seconds to grab the attention of viewers through your video marketing campaign. If you don't spark their interest within that 10 seconds, they will most likely leave. Take big brands like Coke and McDonald as an example. Many of their commercials and web videos are 15 to 20 seconds long, but will get you hooked until the end. They are able to pull this off using creative storyline and scripts, colorful and fun background elements, and even promotional offers and deals.

Videos have become an essential marketing tool for any business, regardless of size and industry. It has played a key role in the growth of brands that are now multi-billion dollar giants. Used properly, videos can give your business an advantage against competition and help you capture the larger portion of your market.


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