Tracking Users Across Multiple Channels

We see how organisations are dealing with the complications of multi-platform retailing


It has never been more difficult to map online shopping habits, with the process being influenced by a number of different platforms, all of which have their own place in the procedure.

Whereas a consumer’s product research was once almost exclusively done from their desktop computer, the smartphone and the tablet have made this much more complicated for companies to track.

Even as we go into 2015, there hasn’t been enough development within this space, with many organisations still lacking the capacity to accurately identify pressure points so that they can build strategies around them.

In line with this, research by eBay Inc. found that most consumers consult 3 to 5 devices when making a buying decision, increasing the chance that a consumer will not go through with a transaction.

One of the main reasons for a customer to abort the transaction on a smartphone or tablet is when mobile sites aren’t optimised and changed from desktop versions. Not only will this turn the customer off buying a product, but it will make them far more likely to switch allegiance to another similar provider.

Due to this, it’s essential that companies take the time to design engaging experiences across all the platforms they deliver on.

Traditionally, the ‘last pick’ method was used to measure the effectiveness of a marketing channel and whilst it isn’t totally useless, it’s limited in its scope. That’s why many companies are looking at advanced attribution to track the success of a campaign.

Advanced Attribution provides companies with a much more comprehensive way of building customer profiles. Tracking when a customer uses a particular platform and analysing how they communicate with it can be all the information retailers need to map their customers progress over a number of different channels.

With wearable technology having the potential to add yet another platform for companies to analyse, the difficulty that many companies have mapping their customers across multiples devices will be a pressing one. It will unquestionably be something that many companies look to improve upon in 2015.


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