Six tips to make the most of your business app in 2019

Mahipalsinh Jadeja, a digital marketing manager, discusses strategies to ensure success of a mobile application for businesses


A mobile application can prove to be the need of the hour for businesses. Be it providing customer service or promoting a business online, a feature-rich mobile enterprise app can help. Apps can simplify complex business processes and manage daily operations on the move. Altogether, you get a robust online business representative in the form of a mobile app.

Here are six strategies to ensure the success of your business application and maximize ROI:

Market research is an ongoing process

A business app can be an excellent tool to serve many objectives and you can unleash its potential with the help of advanced mobile app development services. However, in such a competitive scenario, continuous market research is needed even after developing an app to ensure success.

To stay on top of the current market trends and user expectations from the app, the success of your app depends on two aspects:

1. How long does an app user keep your app in their device?

2. How many times does an app user visit your app in a day or a week?

You should collect all the data regarding the user behavior and market trends and analyze it to keep your app relevant and up to date.

The importance of innovation

Innovation holds the key to success for a mobile app. The success of the app depends on market research and user’s feedback. In addition, regular updates can retain the app users through boosting their confidence in your app. A mobile app development company can also assist you by integrating innovative and interactive features.

It is fair to remember that your business app is a solution for people’s need and it can bridge a gap or add value. Therefore, you should identify the pain points for the users before developing the app. People certainly appreciate such apps and this can result in an increased ROI.

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Successful apps require time

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same is true for your app also. An enterprise-grade app with an engaging UI and a seamless functionality can take your business to the next level, but you need to ensure that you have spent sufficient time and attention in developing the app.

However, in saying that you need to ensure sufficient time, too much time may have an adverse impact. Reduced TTM (time to market) is also beneficial and should be considered when developing the app. The rule of thumb is the earlier you launch an app, the more benefits can be reaped.

Say "yes" to mobile marketing

As an efficient and cost-effective marketing tool, you can always use a business mobile app. Mobile marketing is in vogue and can readily promote your products or services through an app. Some mobile marketing strategies include personalized notifications, integrated in-app ads and in-app purchases within the app.

What’s more, you can plan the marketing campaign around the app. Advancements of emerging technologies can also be integrated for a better user experience. Such an app can give you a better chance to promote your business. You can frequently use it for expanding your business and increasing sales.

Focus on user interface

A simple and easy-to-understand user interface together with a flawless performance can make your app valuable and popular. As we approach 2019, more and more enterprises will tend to opt for a mobile app, and therefore you have to come up with out-of-the-box app solutions. Furthermore, an Application Performance Management (APM) tool can ensure user-friendly functionality of your app.

Stay clear from over-promotion

Overcrowding of adverts within the app can impair the overall browsing experience. An enterprise mobile app can be a great tool for promoting your business, however, be weary of the number of ads and banners within the app. If users within the app find that there are too many adverts within the app, they may delete it immediately. To ensure ad relevancy, businesses can use the data gathered by inbuilt app analytics to offer relevant ads.

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