Top Tips For Cyber Security Risks Management

Tips against cybercrime to help you secure your company against any problems in the future


Cyber security has become one of the most debatable and important issues in the modern business world. Unfortunately, regardless of the size of your company and its field, internet crime will get to anyone. For this reason every internet crime lawyer in Canada insists on the importance of not only self-education in this matter, but also about providing proper knowledge about cyber security to your employees. In this article, we would like to offer several tips for protecting against internet crimes to help you secure your company against any problems in the future.

1. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways

One of the basic pillars of internet security that were described by no one internet crime lawyer in Canada include boundary firewalls, internet gateways and comparable network mechanisms. Without these basic components, your company’s systems are at high risk of being easily accessed; you literally leave your company’s private information exposed and at risk of deletion. Moreover, you need to ensure that your firewall’s password is set and not left to a default option; that every single decision connected to the network traffic is authorized by a responsible individual.

2. Secure configuration

Another important aspect that any internet crime lawyer in Canada would name is secure configuration of electronic devices connected to the same internet network. All devices must be configured to make sure that they provide only the required services and do not get access to surplus networks or systems of your company. In this way you can ensure to reduce characteristic vulnerabilities of some portable devices. It is important because all default settings on most portable devices may lead a hacker inside of your company’s system and consequently give him or her access to the secured data. It is also highly advised to use different internet networks for clients, ordinary workers, and employs dealing with secure and private data of the company.

3. Access control

Full access should be granted only to the company’s owner or people in charge of company’s security. This is the easiest way to secure secret information and data of your company. For ordinary workers you should set up individual accounts and give them access only to the information directly required for their duties and not more. Only authorized users can get access to the private company’s data and only after the confirmation of an owner or a small group of full-access individuals.

So in order to simplify your company’s working process it is suggested that every user’s account is approved a formalized process and only after that can be created; users having special privileges in terms of information access will still be limited in details and full package of existing information, furthermore all those accesses should be documented and kept in a secure location; all administrative accounts must serve only for the specific administrative purposes for which they were created; all usernames and passwords used in the network must be unique and strong, including passwords for devices, applications, email or the internet access, all passwords must be changed no rarer than every two months.

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