Top Ten Benefits Of Clean Data

Without clean data marketing campaigns are just wasting money


Clean data is an integral part of successful marketing and it is key to making your business a success. With direct mail, telephone and e-mail being the main source of communication, it is essential for the right message to go to the right person. Knowing your customer will increase sales and return on investment, data cleaning will ensure you keep up to date with your client base at all times.

Key Benefits Of Data Cleansing Include:

  • PAF Address Correction – Complete and accurate addresses in your customer database helps ensure that your communication reaches the intended recipients and reduces waste. Mailing campaigns can be expensive, so having the correct addresses will help to reduce the cost of handling returns from failed deliveries. It will also protect your brand image by ensuring deliveries are on time and reliable.
  • Telephone Appending – Telephone number appending is achieved by matching your name and address data against the BT OSIS database, the source of the telephone directory. This gives you access to over 27 million subscribers. The data is continually updated to give you peace of mind in its accuracy. Furthermore, to give you peace of mind – all of these numbers have opted into the service – your staff will be relieved to hear this!
  • Goneaway Identification – Goneaway screening service enables customers to identify people who have moved residences and remove them from their database. This suppression service is used prior to mailing campaigns with a cost less than a single mailing, saving time and money for our customers’ costs, increases ROI, helps to make intelligent business decisions.
  • Mover identification – Did you know, there are over 6 million house moves per year? But everyone knows that it is significantly more costly and difficult to obtain new customers than retain existing ones so if you can keep ongoing communication with current customers, you can save money.
  • Telephone Validation– a super fast and efficient method to validate which mobile numbers are still live. This saves call handlers time, money and increases campaign effectiveness. You can even use it for mobile phone validation too!
  • Email Validation Hard bounces. A much hated term for marketers. Validating your emails ensures a reduction of bounce rates and an increase in email deliverability. And what does this result in? Effective marketing and ultimately increased ROI. 
  • TPS/CTPS/MPSBy ensuring that a prospect is registered with one of these companies not only saves wasting your telephone operator’s time, but it also safeguards your corporate reputation from bad publicity. It’s all in real time with over 1.3million numbers updated daily so you can’t really go wrong!
  • Investor and Demographic Profiling – Why wouldn’t a business want to gain a better understanding of their customer’s profile? You can access all sorts of information in a matter of seconds which can help you create more targeted marketing campaigns. Businesses are included too with information on credit score, directors and address to name a few.

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