Top tips to keep your small business organized

Keeping your small business organized in 2018 can be tricky, but a fundamental key to success


As a business owner, time and money are both valuable commodities that you never seem to have enough of. In the 20th century, there have always aspects of a business that was time-consuming, such as keeping track of customer data. However, new technologies allow business owners to integrate platforms and keep track of information very easily, which helps with the organization of your business and saves you both time and money. There are many time and money saving opportunities you can take advantage of digitally.

Integrating your customer information

Business owners need to keep track of their customer information and be able to access it quickly and easily. One way to do this is through Gmail CRM Integration. If you can integrate all of your customer relations management through Gmail, this allows you to keep all of your tickets and correspondence with customers organized in one place. The 21st-century customer expects quick customer service, especially when there is a problem with their order. If you have your CRM information accessible through Gmail, you can quickly correspond with your customer and take care of their issues, which results in more customers through positive reviews and word of mouth.

There are several other reasons to use Gmail CRM Integration besides prompt customer service. First, with Gmail integration, you are able to view all of your information in one place at one time, rather than viewing customer information through multiple platforms or on multiple screens. Secondly, while many businesses find their inboxes overflowing with emails and spam, Gmail helps you sort and organize emails for easier viewing and follow up if necessary. Finally, using the Gmail CRM integration tool allows you to collaborate through the Google platform, which means you can seamlessly and quickly share information on the platform with your co-workers, so they can help with customer service.

It is important not only to keep track of all of your customers but also to keep track of the customers that purchase the most goods and services from your business. Business research indicates that for some businesses, 60% of their business comes from between 25 and 30% of their customer base. It is vital for businesses to ensure these high-volume customers receive the best customer service possible to keep them loyal to your business. CRM Software can go a long way towards helping you retain a solid customer base.

Use technology to focus your resources

One of the largest problems businesses have is that they are too broad in scope, and because they are too broad, they fail to focus on their business objectives, and they lose both customers and organization. If you focus on your most important products or services, you are then able to help customers effectively as well as spot micro-trends in products or services that you can take advantage of to help your business grow.

There are many tools businesses can use to help manage their resources. You may want to think about going paperless, as this is a cost-saving feature. With the Google platform, this is easy, as the company offers electronic versions of word processing that you can quickly share with customers or colleagues without needing to go to the post office. Also, both Google and Apple offer products that help you write a to-do list to keep you organized and paper-free. Many businesses also use the personal assistant feature such as Amazon Echo or Google Dot to place calendar notifications or to-do list reminders to keep them on track without paper notes. These timesavers are important to any business.

In addition to the applications that help you keep track of important dates for an organization, there are also applications to help you stay paper free with regard to receipts and invoices for services your business uses. Both CamScanner and Dropbox allow you to scan and file receipts into specific locations for easy access later, which allows you to get rid of paper that clogs up your workspace.

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Technology can help you organize to find new customers

It is not enough for a business to serve the same customers day after day. Businesses have to always be on the lookout for new customers in order to grow. There are several software programs that can help keep you organized and attractive to new customers. First, you might want to think about your website. Is it well organized? Does it send the message you want to send to attract customers? Have you incorporated SEO technology and social media strategies to help your business show up prominently on search engines and in social media? Your marketing strategy cannot be an immediate posting, but rather a concentrated effort to deploy ideas to bring visitors to your website. Meet Edgar is an app that allows you to focus your social media and website content so that you can be sure all of your content sends the same message that draws people to your company.

Second, marketing applications can generate leads for you to help attract new businesses. In addition to lead generators, programs such as Gmail CRM integration can assist with email prospecting for new clients who may be looking for products or services you provide. Infusionsoft is a lead generating application for small to medium-sized businesses that provide customers with targeted leads for their business. Campaign Monitor also allows businesses to obtain leads for new products or it can help you keep track of an existing campaign to lure new business. SharpSpring also offers marketing and lead generation services.

It is more important than ever for businesses to stay organized in the digital age because chances are if you aren’t organized, your competition is, and is ready to steal the customers you have worked so hard to maintain. Beginning and maintaining customer service through email programs such as Google CRM, keeping your organization on track with receipts and files, and generating new leads and social marketing plans through applications will help you remain organized and ready to move your business to the next level. 

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