Top Startups In Home Automation

Some of the best startups for implementing smart home technologies


For developers interested in increasing competitiveness and strengthening their positions in the market, the priority task for today is to implement smart home technologies. In today’s article, we are going to talk about some best startups in this field.

The first startup is called SenseHome, which is a developer of smart home solutions designed for the automation of residential and non-residential premises. The SenseHome system allows you to remotely control lighting, climate, security system, while offering some leakage protection and other home equipment. In future, the startup might introduce some ways to open and close your windows too.

The software and hardware component of the Smart Home system from SenseHome is a pure Russian development. The project team created an original but, at the same time, simple software solution for managing the entire system within an apartment and an apartment building. The software of the product has allowed for a significant reduction in the number of expensive units, parts, and connections in the system as a whole, which has had a positive effect on the cost of the final product. Another key advantage of the technology is a significant simplification of the installation procedure and, as a consequence, a reduction in the final cost. Most 'smart home' systems require highly qualified specialists to install them and their services are not cheap. The SenseHome system, due to full automation, can be installed even by an ordinary electrician.

The second promising project for us is a startup called Tesso, which produces energy-efficient air conditioning systems. The Tesso equipment can work without freon or a compressor, due to the simplest principle of evaporation of water. As a result, the air conditioners consume less electricity, are cheaper to service and are completely environmentally friendly, which is great.

The company's technologies were presented to manufacturers of climate equipment in Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, Qatar and Tanzania and aroused great interest. Therefore, In Egypt, the company has already concluded a tripartite agreement involving a large industrial group called EGAT, one of the specializations of which is the production of air conditioners. The agreement provides for the establishment in Egypt of a manufacturing enterprise for the production of high-tech air conditioners.

Nexi is another great startup, which allows a person to measure and see how much energy is being used at your house or apartment. The idea behind this startup is to make people use less energy.

Another startup we are going to talk about today is Nest. The startup was purchased by Google for a not insignificant sum of $3.2 million dollars and is considered one of the best players in the smart home sphere. Nest made it possible to determine the highest energy costs in the room or place where their device is used.

Finally, Calliope is a startup that collects your data pertaining to how much water you are using. The device from Calliope should soon be available on the market based on the information we managed to gather from Calliope’s website.

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