Top places to visit while attending DATAx San Francisco

Ahead of our very first DATAx San Francisco on May 14–15, 2019, we outline some of the best places for our delegates to visit while in the Golden Gate City


DATAx is finally coming to San Francisco and bringing all its cutting-edge insights from the world of data with it. Featuring in our most expansive agenda yet, we have speakers from Google, Reddit, Warner Bros and Microsoft discussing a variety of topics across gaming analytics, AI in healthcare and marketing, machine learning innovation and data leadership.

So DATAx has curated this list for all our attendees, from data scientists to CDO's to engineers and everything in-between, of the best things to see and do while chilling in the City by the Bay.

San Francisco musts

Like every major city, San Francisco has its fair share of landmarks that every first-time visitor needs to see. From the mile-long Golden Gate Bridge – undeniably the most recognizable of all San Franciscan landmarks – to Alcatraz prison, made famous by the 90s blockbuster hit The Rock, San Francisco holds a lot of the nation's memories.

So, while you're with us, take the iconic cable car system down to the Fisherman's Wharf to soak up some of the city's history (and some delicious seafood). Let your inner bookworm jump for joy as you explore the sci-fi wonderland that is Borderlands Books. Or for a less urban experience, venture north into Marlin County to see the Muir Woods National Monument and bask in the majesty of the mighty redwood trees.

For your inner geek

Since you are attending DATAx, an event all about AI and machine learning, there is a reasonable chance you possess some nerd-ish qualities. If this is the case, there are few places better to visit than San Francisco, a city which has long catered to the geek inside us all. One of DATAx's personal favorite places to visit whenever we are in the city is the Museum of Craft and Design. Because it is a non-collecting institution, it relies on collaborations with local artists and designers for its exhibits meaning that a visit here is an always new and always exciting experience.

One of the most all-encompassing nerd-out locations you can experience while in the city is the California Academy of Sciences. A "planetarium, aquarium and natural history museum – all under one roof", it really is hard to top and a great spot for the family (if you are bringing them to DATAx that is!).

If the California Academy of Sciences is a bit obvious, another museum option is the Exploratorium on Pier 15. Once described by The New York Times as the most important science museum to have opened since the mid-20 th century, it focuses on helping its guests to understand the world through science.

Fun fact: The Exploratorium was founded by Manhattan Project alumni – and quite possibly the most quoted physicist of the last 100 years – Frank Oppenheimer.

Grab a bite

In a city as large and diverse as San Francisco, it can be pretty hard to recommend food joints, but we'll bite the bullet and give it a go – so here are just a few of our favorite places. The Grove – Yerba Buena on Mission Street is the go-to spot for a delicious brunch or a breakfast burrito that will make you sing.

If you end up venturing across the golden gate bridge, check out the Barrel House Tavern in Sausalito if you're a fan of fish tacos, cocktails and amazing views.

And for all our carnivores out there, top chef Chris Cosentino's Cockscomb Restaurant is the one for you, a place that pays homage to San Francisco's diverse culinary heritage with Cosentina's expert offal cookery and butchery. And even if you’re not of the meat persuasion, they also sell the world-famous impossible burger, a plant-based patty which somehow bleeds and sizzles when it cook which will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about science. They also have a "dynamic beverage program" which is ideal if you are a gin or craft beer fan.

Fun fact: The toilets are decorated by artist Jeremy Fish.

Honorable mentions

One of the more random spots to visit is the Musee Mechanique down in the Fisherman's Wharf. Home to more than 200 coin operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines, this is an ideal spot for all our gaming analytics delegates who want to explore the analogue history of their industry.

Another odd but fun spot to visit is the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Make your very own custom fortune cookies by hand in the 57-year-old factory located on Ross Alley. You can even buy bags of flat, pre-folded cookies which is…pretty cracking. 


Museum of Craft and Design: Photo by Matthew Millman 

Englehardt Orchestrion at the Musee Mechanique: Photo by David Bedel

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