Making Sure Your Tech Startup Looks The Part

By making your office look good, you give your company a better chance


No matter how hard they try, technology companies have never quite managed to overcome their image problem as clammy-palmed geeks perspiring in lonely bedrooms. As cool as products like the iPad or the Raspberry Pi might seem, the idea of digital professionals avoiding reality can’t seem to be shaken off.

The only real way to feel like a hyper-cool tech startup is to find the right look.

Apple figured this out a long time ago. Pioneering entrepreneur Steve Jobs realized that the success of a computer wasn’t necessarily about what was under the hood. It was about looking stunning, sleek and streamlined. Think about the cool whites of an Apple Mac or the clean, sharp style of an Apple Store.

To take a leaf from Apple’s book you’re going to need a shop to let that can overcome the image problem suffered by most tech startups. But renting a property isn’t like tinkering with codes and algorithms. It’s got its own perils and pitfalls.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you move your tech company into a property worthy of your talents. You’ll be looking swish in no time.

Choose the right letting company

Letting agents have never had the cleanest reputation. Some will treat you nicely then turn on you as soon as you want to cancel your lease. Others will stretch the truth about a property to breaking point, calling dodgy flooring 'intriguing architecture' and broken windows a 'hi-tech ventilation system'.

Finding the best letting company allows you to get better deals, find the best spaces and work with people you can trust. 

Tech valleys

Every tech company would love to be milling around Silicon Valley, rubbing shoulders with Mark Zuckerberg and schmoozing with Bill Gates while discussing Snapchat updates. But the reality of a startup is a lot less glamorous.

Your meagre finances shouldn’t, however, prevent you from finding the right location. Before you sign a lease, ensure you know exactly where customers will flock. Don’t, for instance, locate your business in the heart of an industrial estate known for steelworks.

Although this is less of a problem for businesses where technology is key (the internet has, after all, been around for a long time), a properly located premises will see your profits soar. Maybe that office in Silicon Valley isn’t so far off.

The right look

People expect a certain level of sleek sophistication from their tech companies nowadays, as though they were all being designed by Google’s architects. Follow suit and you’ll give the impression that you’re a company that knows what it’s talking about.

Follow these three tips and you’ll enjoy a tech startup with the kind of credibility that many can’t match.

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