Top Four Ways To Attract People To Your Website

We take a look at the ways you can drive people to your website


Everybody has a different definition of success when it comes to their own website. Some just want to have a place on the web where they can vent and have little desire to drive people to their site, whereas others want to emulate the success of Zoella and Lisa Eldridge.

It’s estimated that there are roughly 152 million blogs on the internet, which means standing out from the crowd is a difficult thing to do.

But for those who remain undeterred, here are the top four ways you can expect to drive traffic to your site.


We’ve probably all at some stage been a victim of ‘click-bait’ articles, whereby we’re drawn in by a catchy title which only has a slight resemblance to what’s actually been written.

Whilst it’s essential that you don’t do this (people soon stop clicking on your work once you’ve got a reputation), headlines are very important. Tabloid newspapers will testify to this and it’s about identifying what your customers want to know and writing something which will definitely catch their eye.

There’s so much content out there and your article is but a tiny drop in the ocean. Due to this, your headline should be central to your content strategy.


Unless you’re an institution like the BBC, the chances of getting a direct visit is slim. It was recently reported that 90% of all website visits come from search engines, with Google reported to account for 40% of the internet.

To add to this, 75% of users who search something don’t look past the first page of results. This means that unless you’re site appears near the top of Google, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to click on your site.

Combined, these reasons demonstrate how essential SEO is. Choosing the right keywords, making sure that your META information is optimised and that your social strategy is up to date, should put you in a good place to surge up Google’s rankings.

Social media strategy

I’ve spoken to quite a few people who don’t think that social media is important when starting up a blog. Whilst social isn’t for everyone, it’s an incredibly useful tool for someone who wants to get their content read.

It’s important to add that just tweeting your latest blog post does not constitute a social media strategy. You need to communicate with people and get them interacting with your work. Don’t overdo it either, sites like Reddit can come down hard on you and if you’re unlucky and ban you all together.

Also, when people are engaging with your content make sure that you show them the same courtesy.

Hard Work

Never underestimate the importance of the hours you put into your website.

Attention to detail will put you above the rest.


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