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Most small businesses have failed to grow and develop due to lack of appropriate tools to drive the business agenda. To help you save money and time on research, we have compiled the best tools that will help you organize and manage all the aspects of your business. These tools include some of the best management and expense tracking apps in the market.

1. My Nu Skin

Some small businesses can be started leveraging existing products in partnership with parent organizations. They can come in the form of franchises or independent contractors. Often, these opportunities come with prebuilt apps to help you build your business quickly and efficiently. Nu Skin is a great example of this.The My Nu Skin app gathers all your essential business building blocks in one place. The app provides you with immense power to manage your business while on the go. This tool for small businesses brings to your palm the online Office version where you can access features like spreadsheets and databases quickly. Users rave about this app’s efficiency and ease of use, and Nu Skin reviews on the iTunes store currently average 4.3 out of 5 stars. With Nu Skin, you get personalized business performance metrics and an activity feed of every step taking place in your production or retail process. It also gives your business transparency in the sense that you can observe all its aspects in a collective manner. All these features will result in better management for you and growth for your business.

2. Business Plan

Business Plan is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs with small businesses. The app provides you with all the necessary tools to design your business plan, find investors, and most importantly to establish credibility within your startup. With a wide variety of templates and foundations for building remarkable growth plans, Business Plan is a game changer for small business owners. For just $2.29 you can organize your policies and orient them towards development as well as better management.

3. BizXpenseTracker

The key to making a small business succeed is having a well-ordered and documented expense tracking scheme. With BizXpenseTracker, you have just the right tools to follow up on your spending while prepping for tax filing and other finance-related matters. When you install this simple but handy app on your mobile phone, you will be able to monitor your expenses on gas, mileage, and food among others. You can easily work your way around several receipts by taking a picture via your phone camera from where the app will extract relevant information for report writing. Besides that, you also have the options of exporting all the vital information to your PC in different formats such as CSV and PDF.

4. Bento

Database management is a crucial aspect of successful business management. You need a solid project and database manager that collects all the necessary tools for you in one pool. With Bento application for iPad, you will be able to organize your daily tasks together with projects, deadlines, files and contacts in an objective way. Become a good manager instantly by getting the app on your iPhone or iPad for just $4.99 and $9.99 respectively.

5. Square

The app is particularly suited for small business owners whose services revolve around points of sale. Square Register is not only a handy option for merchant services but also an affordable and efficient means of accepting payment via credit/debit cards. Square users receive a free electronic credit card reader to plug into their device. Customers can chose to leave tips and have receipts sent to them through the app. Square also allows you to keep cash receipts, transaction details and much more which you can use to file conclusive business reports later.

Such great business tools are what you need to take your small business to the next level. Pick one or a combination that suits your needs and notice the difference.

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