Top 7 Questions To Answer Before You Start Your Mobile App

Answer to some important questions to venture the best mobile app for your business


As an app developer, you must already know that building mobile apps isn’t as easy and glamorous as it may seem. Before you start to develop any app, there are some crucial questions you need to answer.

Here are the top seven questions every app development company or freelance mobile app developer should answer before venturing into the amazing world of mobile app development:

1) What is your motivation for building the app?

What is motivating you to develop this app? You need to have a strong passion if you want to be successful with your app development project.

Have a clear vision of how your app is going to accomplish its aim and solve problems for your target customer. For the task ahead, you have to be strongly motivated.

2) How unique will my app be?

What’s so unique about your app? With millions of apps in app stores like iTunes, Google Play and Windows App Store, etc., how will your app stand out? Your app must be able to tackle a problem not yet solved, or explicitly modify one that’s already existing. It is crucial that your mobile apps guarantee a satisfactory user experience.

3) How curious are people about your app?

When you tell people about your idea, are they interested in learning more about it? Are they willing to invest their money and other resources (like time and connections) to help? If your apps can stimulate minds; then be assured that you’re on to something. You don’t need to be defensive when people criticize your app idea. This should only serve as a means to refine your idea and app features.

4) Do you have the necessary resources?

From the cost of developing to iterations and marketing, you need a lot of resources to pull through an exciting app development project. If you don't have the finance to build the app, you can pitch the idea to investors. Hence, you need to hone your presentation skills to be able to win the heart of potential investors.

Apart from having capital as an app development company or mobile app developer; you need to have a reliable human resource team. A team that will be able to help with building, designing, app testing, customer support and marketing of app.

5) What will be my monetization strategy?

What strategies are you going to employ in monetizing your app? You could make it a pay-for-download app if the features are quintessential to users. And if it's going to be free, have in-app purchasing and advertising.

6) What will my app security be like?

Apparently, there are still security issues to deal with in the mobile application development ecosystem. How secure will your app be? Will it guarantee a safe use?

Your app must be able to protect users data and information from leaking, and from imminent cyber attacks.

7) What are the possible challenges?

You need to be aware of problems associated with the project. It will help you plan accordingly and reduce challenges you may face during the project.

When the mobile app development process gets difficult, you'd need to persevere or risk losing out. Your ability to handle adversities will place you ahead in this competitive field.

When you’re able to answer all these questions, clarify your vision and brace up for challenges during and after the development process, your mobile app development will be a successful one. You will be happy. Your team will be glad. Your app users will be satisfied. Everyone wins!


Melissa Crooks is Tech Writer by profession who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. She writes new tech tips and informative blogs about latest mobile technologies and shares on different blogging platforms.

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