Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

What are going to be the top 5 marketing trends for 2015?


2015 is going to be a big year for digital marketing, but what are going to be the biggest trends of the year? We believe that these will be the top 5 in the coming 12 months.

Social Media

Social media began as a way to communicate with your audience. It allowed you to create an audience and then sell to them or help them with their problems and promote your brand.

This hasn’t changed, but the way it is done is not the same and 2015 will see more and more companies see this. We have seen a considerable number of companies begin to loose followers when they simply promote themselves without having any human interactions or genuinely interesting posts.

Social media is now not simply a way to gather your fans in one place, it is a way to spread stories and content that they want to see, 2015 will see this only increase.

Content To Stories

Simply creating content will not be enough in 2015. Just writing about your products will lose interest quickly and there will need to be more thought put in to what is written and why. Making vague topics to revolve around a product you are trying to sell will no longer work, people need to see a story and be engaged with what they are reading or watching.

This requires not only well written stories around subjects that can be directly linked to your products, but also that discuss issues within the same areas that they operate. For instance, if a company sold bikes, the chances are that their customers want to hear about professional racers, safety products and new cycling innovations.

Create stories and articles around what your customers will be talking about, not what you want them to be talking about.

Pitches Becoming Dead

In the same way that people want to hear stories, direct pitches will become dead in 2015. A company who pitch their products directly to a customer before engaging with them first on some level, will be a company who see their marketing ROI decrease in the next 12 months.

People have access to millions of reviews about products from around the world, if your product works for them, they will find it or at least research it. It will be about making the longer lasting connection after the initial contact, that should come from genuine interest rather than a passing potential sales.


The potential to track what people are looking at and how they are interacting with your brand is changing the way that digital marketing is working across the world. 2015 is likely to see businesses do even more with the data they have to engage their audiences and know which content is most popular. This will then propel them to create content more in tune with what their audience want, once again moving them away from trying to create content that they want them to appreciate.

It will also help with the design of websites, apps and other digital offerings, creating environments where their audiences are most comfortable. Not only this, but it is also likely to drive conversions and compel them to improve even further and collect even more valuable information.

Native Advertising

As traditional advertising has dropped in popularity over the past two years, native advertising has become the backbone of many companies. It has allowed advertisers to place their adverts where their target audiences are likely to be and create their adverts so that it sits flawlessly in with the other content around it.

This could be from mimicking the style in which an article is written, to including a mention of a product in an existing article or video. 2015 is likely to see the use of this increase as the effectiveness of the message improve. Equally, media sites need to increase their advertising revenue and with more competition than ever looking to take this revenue, creating the best proposition for native advertising, may well be the best way to do that in 2015.

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