The top 5 connections that can help you land an executive-level job

Your network may just be your best tool


In the present competitive job market, connections are a valuable influence in getting executive-level jobs. You may wonder why many people with the best credentials hardly land such lucrative jobs. The truth is that without a personal referral to pass your job application to the manager or a person to inform you when there are vacancies, you may need to work extremely hard to be able to land these jobs. Do you know the types of connections that can help you land these well-paying jobs with ease? Here are five of them.

C-Level Executives

Your first step should be to network with C-level executives since they have lots of information about what you may need to qualify for similar positions. Besides, as you interact with them, you get insight into the kind of personality and attitude that it takes to go up the ladder in your career. This way, you will not be intimidated whenever you get into interview rooms where people who occupy these positions are. When the interviewers note your confidence and interest in the job, they will get the impression that you are ready to serve and hire you.


As you interact with different leaders, remember you need to identify and approach one or two of them who you think can deeply help you. Your mentor should know almost everything about you to be able to guide well through your career journey. Remember, you cannot trust everybody with your personal details, but you can interact with anyone. A good mentor will invest some of his or her time in equipping you with the requisite skills and giving you more connections as your progress will contribute to their legacy. So, if you want to progress fast, you need to get the right mentor.


Recruiters also have a lot of information and connections that you need to climb higher on your career ladder. Start by developing close relationships with the staff of Supply Chain Executive Recruiters or any other alternatives to be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and get notifications whenever vacancies arise. You can do better by branding yourself. Help recruiters to find qualified candidates for different openings to get their attention. You will then have higher chances to land your dream job given that the recruiters will be more than happy to present their clients with a candidate who they know personally and have been helpful to them as well.

Former Colleagues

Some of your former colleagues have likely gone on to exciting new ventures, and most of them can help you. They may hire you to manage their startups or commend you to a key decision-maker in their respective workplaces. Always treat your colleagues with respect irrespective of their social or economic status to give you a better opportunity to benefit from their kindness later in life when you surely need support.

Former Clients

If you have been in business, your former clients could offer you the best opportunity to rise higher on your career ladder. Some of them may have established mega corporations and need an executive they can trust. Besides, they may connect you with industry influences within their circles. It’s great to remain in touch with them always. And whenever you need help, don’t assume they will know and act on their own. Plan to meet and speak with them and ask for their help. Your former clients understand you. As such, they can help you to transition from the business to the corporate world.


Connections are a great way to go about and get an executive-level job and also reflect the best use of your time. You can’t build valuable relationships if you are not visionary and selfless. Since you now know that you need to market yourself through others, start now to create a solid set of connections. This way, you will not regret when you are stuck in your career journey.

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