​Top five B2B lead generation strategies that really work

Grow your business dramatically using these powerful techniques


For effective B2B lead generation, you need to get the basics right. Accepting the newer industry trends and optimizing the existing campaigns are key to success. If you still aren’t generating enough B2B leads from your campaigns then the below strategies will surely help.

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1. Leverage the power of behavioral email marketing

Behavioral email marketing is one of the most effective tactics for lead generation. Under behavioral marketing, you send emails to B2B prospects based on their past behavior. Proper analysis for their past behavior leads to sending better emails leading to positive actions.

For example, you can analyze the type of content your prospects read on the website or like on social media. You can also identify which products or services they are most interested in by looking at the top landing pages section.

Moreover, you can enrich your email lists with valuable data like job title, employer, location and social networks of the person behind the email with the help of Voila Norbert’s data enrichment tool. Based on the data, you can send timely emails to your prospects that will increase the chances of conversion.

2. Ungate your content

It may sound counterintuitive, but to capture the best leads, you might want to stop gating your best content behind lead capture forms. People often don't like having to opt-in for endless nurture emails in order to read your educational materials, so gating these resources may be causing lots of solid leads to bounce out from your site, never to return.

Instead, make your content as accessible and shareable as possible, learn about who's checking your company out, and reach out to the most qualified ones on social media, offering to answer any questions they may have about how a solution like yours can help them.

With the help of content analytics intelligence tools like Leadfeeder, you can gain a lot of information about which companies are visiting your website.

Not only this, Leadfeeder also displays the email addresses and social media profiles of people who work at the target company, so that you can easily build a connection with them. Leadfeeder can also push visitors’ browsing logs to your Customer Relations Management (CRM) software so that you can automatically maintain detailed and dynamic dossiers on the content most interesting to your leads.

3. Take the help of webinars

Organizing webinars still remain one of the most sought-after B2B lead generation strategies. Here are some of the tips you need to follow for making the most of your webinars:

  • Use software like ClickMeeting to host your webinars. ClickMeeting allows you to run custom branded webinars which is a must for converting B2B prospects. If you need more help with running successful live webinars then read this resource.
  • Produce content that is educational in nature because people love to attend webinars where they can learn something without the pressure of clients.
  • Determine the interests of your target audience and prepare your content accordingly.
  • Focus on a challenging business problem and mention how your business can provide an easy solution to it.
  • Do not directly sell or you might lose prospects.

4. Create a stellar referral program

Referral programs still work for B2B companies. However, you need to be creative and offer something innovative that really motivates people to share a word about your company.

Money is the biggest motivation to include in your referral program. Instead of saying, “earn x% commission on each sale”, say, “get $500 for every successful referral”. The difference lies in how you are communicating the offer to the prospect.

This is the generation of the millennials and people trust peers. You can also take the help of influencer marketing and reap in some micro-influencers to promote your brand. Word of mouth from micro-influencers can act as wonders and let you gain successful B2B prospects in no time.

5. Target C-Level prospects through intelligent content marketing

Research on the type of content that C-Level prospects read and react to. You can follow them on social media and watch their interests and actions. After you gather the data, use a tool like the Hubspot content strategy tool to create content clusters that match the exact topics that your C-level prospects are interested in reading.

Once you have the content pieces ready, take the help of SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing especially over LinkedIn to reach your target audience.


We are heading towards the middle of 2018 and you need to get your best foot forward in order to defeat your competitors. Devise a strategy that is a mix of the above approaches and A/B test to see what’s working and how you can further optimize them. Following a correct approach will go a long way in generating enough B2B leads. 

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