Top 4 Ways To Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness

How should you measure content marketing success?


Gone are the days when the success of a website was measured only by its capability to attract as many visitors as possible. Through content strategies, companies must continually measure the impact of their content and if possible, find ways to improve it.

Here are four essential metrics companies must measure;

Traffic to Lead Ratio

Increasing web traffic is important, a well-visited site is a necessary platform for success, yet by itself, it doesn’t automatically bring in revenue.

That’s why companies are including as many calls-to-action (CTA) as possible. Yet CTA’s are often misused, put in places where they’re ineffective and unlikely to bring in leads.

Companies must ask themselves if their traffic to lead ratio is strong enough on their best performing pages, and if it isn’t, how they can improve it. This might be in the form of design, or simply where they’re placed on the webpage.

It will become clear relatively early on if there’s a problem, but companies must still remain vigilant.

Bounce rate

For sites which revolve around content, a high bounce rate is a worrying sign. High bounce rates are common with sites that rely on ‘click-bait’ where the author’s effort has been mainly focused on an article’s headline.

These sites are common. They make exorbitant amounts of money through advertising and continue to thrive until everybody’s aware of their content style. A form of fraud in many ways, they lull us into clicking and then make money from us.

For sites which are actually proud of the content they produce, a high bounce rate should be treated with a matter of urgency. It shows that your content strategy isn’t working and that something has to change.

Inbound links

The amount of inbound links coming from external sites to yours is a great way to measure how useful people have found your content.

It’s also imperative when attempting to improve your rank on Google’s search index, a must in today’s business environment. You’ll find that publications such as the Guardian, the New York Times and the Washington Post are referenced on a regular basis due to quality of the work they produce.

If you’re not getting that external recognition you want, think about refining your SEO strategy.

Organic search rate

There aren’t many sites that can rely on their users to search for them directly, but the amount of traffic that’s generated from search engines, however indirect it is, should be measured.

It allows a company to see how well their content is being optimized for search engines and whether their SEO strategies and inbound links have tied together to form a integrated content strategy.


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