Top 4 Strategic IT Trends To Look Out For

We determine what the most prominent technology focussed trends are


In this article we will take a look at a range of the most prominent trends set to affect organizations

The Internet of Things (IOT)

We’ve talked a lot about the IOT at the Innovation Enterprise and it’s clear that it’s going to be critical in 2015.

Likely to be introduced to the workplace environment, embedded technology will create user touch points that will allow greater connectivity at work.

A Gartner survey at the beginning of this year identified that 40% of organizations feel that the IOT will transform their business strategically over the short-term (3 years) whilst 60% said it would affect them in the long-term (more than five years).

Although the IOT is still some way away from hitting maturity, companies are experimenting with it and 2015 could be the year when it starts to affect companies from a strategic standpoint.

3D Printing

Seen as a viable way for companies in biomedical and consumer applications to cut costs, 3D printing will create improved manufacturing processes.

Like the IOT, there’s no chance that 3D printing will hit maturity by the end of the year, but it’s predicted that huge strides will be made.

Today, 3D printers are capable of handling a wide variety of materials, including titanium and human cartilage. Additionally, it can cope with batteries, transistors and LEDs.

It’s hoped that 3D printing will accelerate product-development cycles and create a whole host of new manufacturing strategies.

Smart Machines

The sophistication of analytics and the advancement of algorithms will lead to machines that are capable of leaning for themselves.

In 2013 the prediction that smart machines could displace millions of middle class jobs was described as being ‘futurist fantasy’ by Gartner.

However, the same research company also predicts that the capabilities of smart machines will increase to such an extent that they’ll have a substantial impact on the working environment.

Definitely a trend to look out for, but unlikely to make much of an impression for at least a decade.

Security protection

As we move towards an increasingly digitalized society there’s no doubt that cyber security threats will continue to be on people’s minds.

Incorporating security measures into mainframes will become even more important, and it’ll be essential for companies to have sophisticated systems in place.

At the same time, companies will have to be wary of the fact that if they concentrate on security too much that they’ll end up inhibiting and slowing down their own advances.

Already an important issue, it will be fascinating to see how companies protect themselves going forward.


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