Top 3 Code Editors For Web Developers 2018

Every web developer should know these code editors in 2018


The software industry has progressed at a rapid pace in the last decade, with advancements in all fields such as artificial intelligence, programming languages, tools for development etc. Programmers today have quite a wide array of tools at their disposal to help them accomplish their daily tasks. However, the demand for quality work has also increased significantly, thus it is important for developers to write the most efficient code in the cleanest way possible. This is made possible by the sheer variety of code editors that the programmers nowadays have access to, in order to be more productive.

These code editors provide their own unique user interfaces but with some common goals. Programmers often tend to make mistakes during the process, which these editors help in not only pointing out, but give the coders options for corrective measures as well. They also provide features for them to personalize the experience, such as changing the font or the look and feel of the environment they are working in.

Web developers use such editors regularly, as they code in various languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. All of these languages come with their own syntax and have their unique ways of identification, which are highlighted and pointed out by a capable editor. Therefore, we have compiled a list, which we think are some of the best around and that can help them in writing the most optimized and efficient code:

  • Notepad++

The name would sound familiar to people who have used the Windows operating system. However, the similarities can be said to end at the name, as Notepad++ serves not only different purposes, but is also a very different looking interface.

Notepad++ supports various programming languages and can be used on multiple operating systems such as Mac, UNIX, and Linux. The editor has features such as a color-coded interface for different syntaxes of different programming languages, while it also notifies the user of any errors made by underlining or highlighting them. It is one of the most used editors out there, owing to the lightweight nature it possesses, while also being friendly to beginners with its drag and drop features.

Notepad++ was created by Don Ho and its first version was seen way back in the November of 2003.

  • Sublime Text

Another famous synonymous with the more popular Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) for web developers, is Sublime Text. It offers the same common features which can be found in the most complete editors, but in a very minimalist looking environment.

The Sublime Text editor also supports the more powerful features such as Python Scripting, as well as cross-platform support. Beginners have known to take a liking to the sleeker interface, with support for customizing it with various visual options. Sublime Text is popular with programmers coding in languages such as HTML and PHP, while also being frequently used by people programming on the server side.

Sublime Text was developed by Jon Skinner and Will Bond and was first released 10 years ago in 2008.

  • Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code editor is another option for web developers that offers support for various major platforms such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is also a lightweight editor which is not taxing on the RAM and one that offers great functionality, in a very user-friendly interface. The Visual Studio Code offers support for more than 30 programming languages and is popular among developers using ASP.NET, C#, Debugging DLL projects like msvcp140.dll etc. However, it’s a more than capable software for web developers, it highlights mistakes they might have made and offers support for unique syntaxes that different languages possess. The Visual Studio has been developed by the tech giant Microsoft, who released it in April of 2015. 


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