Tips To Set The Tone For Your Company's Branding And Business Decisions In 2018

How business leaders can win this year


The champagne has been popped and the parties are over. 

2017 came and went, so as a business leader, you need to shift your focus to how you will make 2018 a year of huge wins. 

The culture and action of your company starts from the top, so you'll need to embrace the winning strategies that will build your brand, lay out your roadmap and ensure that you're growing your audience and revenue. 

Let's tackle the following four tips so that you can lead your company to the promised land this year. 

1. Embrace Innovative Branding Strategies

Your company brand is more than just a tool to get clientele -- it's a way of life. 

You need to connect to your base by providing value to the fullest. 

In fact, Forbes suggests that companies that win at branding today are those that focus on cultural movement, rather than simple traditional brand building strategy. How you do this is the foundation of what you provide, who you are and what you believe in. 

For example, a dental practice should look deeper than simply writing some SEO blog posts about teeth whitening. Imagine how much of an impact you could make by instead hosting a Halloween candy buyback program that allows new and current patients to get a discount on their bill. You can then take that candy and donate it to children in poor communities or impoverished countries. 

Being this transparent and giving lets you bring awareness to your brand and would set you apart from the typical dental practice. 

This helps you to gain positive reviews and a presence that will shoot your company straight to the top. 

2. Set Clear And Actionable Goals

Your 2018 will be over before you know it if you fail to set goals properly. 

This starts with you, as the leader of your company. 

As you prepare to head back into the office, set your vision for 2018 after brainstorming and figuring out what you want to accomplish the most. 

Rather than hoarding this information to yourself, set the vision and display it prominently in your place of business. Work with employees and managers so that you all can set actionable steps toward actually achieving these goals. This way, you'll be able to check in periodically to make sure that you're hitting these benchmarks. 

Consider holding a company retreat to truly make sure you're all on the same page. At these retreats, allow everyone to speak their mind openly and contribute. Embrace some out of the box strategies for getting on the same page, such as company fitness and meditation. 

Embracing meditation lets you and your workplace stay grounded and present. Keep your water coolers stocked, because hydrated employees will be more energized and will have higher mental functioning. 

Above all, keep tabs on your goals and make sure that your company is conquering them point by point. 

3. Invest In The Tools That Help You Lead And Designate Workflow

Don't let wasted time and unnecessary obstacles slow your company down in 2018. 

Set the tone by acquiring the tools that help you lead. 

Invest in the Slack app so that communication is seamless and never lost in e-mail boxes and spam folders. Embrace Google Drive and Dropbox for file storage and seamless communication. Assigning employees and departments to Sheets allows people to work on their own time while tracking progress instantaneously. 

If you want to supercharge your meetings internally and externally, there are plenty of services like Go To Meeting that let you video chat and gain access to the same computer while conducting business. 

Above all, get to know your workforce so that you can relate to individuals while leading groups. Knowing your employees will help you to be innovative and reach people in ways that get results. 

4. Secure Your Finances And Embrace New Investment Avenues

The more you hedge your bets with sound financial choices, the easier it'll be for your company to grow and thrive without being hampered. 

Take inventory of your finance department to make sure that you're consistently shoring up liabilities while growing your assets. In 2018, you'll have new investment options, with cryptocurrency emerging as an avenue that can take you to the next level and the next frontier of business. 

While Bitcoin made headlines, take time to research the cryptocurrencies that could take off. Keep your eye on Ripple and Ethereum, and stay plugged in to news to see how these markets and trends shake out. 

There you have it. 

If you're ready for branding and business success in 2018, follow these strategies and resolve to keep learning and growing. 

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