Tips To Maximize Sales With Visual Merchandising

How great visual design can increase your revenue


The very core of selling consists of your ability to tell a story. You can have all the perfect ingredients, but if you don’t organize and display them in the right way, you won’t engage your customers. Like in every story, visuals are the most important part, because the sense of sight has the biggest role in information processing. People are searching for functionality with the rational part of their brain, but what really affects their decision the most is aesthetics. If you want to organize your store in a way to achieve the best potential to make money, you need to engage visual merchandising. You need to pull your customers into your story and make them want to take a lot of souvenirs home.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Color has a very strong emotional impact on everyone and that’s why it’s one of your best tools. But that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to turn your store into an embodiment of kitsch. Choose your colors carefully and use them to guide your customers through the story of the products you want to present. Do some research on the psychology of colors because every storytelling effort comes down to the manipulation of the viewers' emotions. It is also very important to pay attention to your neighbor's window when choosing your colors. Never use the same colors he’s using, always go for a contrast. And don’t let your products disappear in strong background colors, the point is to make them pop, not to make them invisible.

Lead the Way

There are a lot of different visual cues besides colors that can direct your customer's attention. You should be strategic when it comes to giving information to your customers. The point is to give it to them in the exact time they need it. And they will need it when you say so. But when it comes to that moment make sure that the information is clear and transparent, because human attention has very short span. You should use the signage in a playful way. Be creative with iconography, graphics, and imagery and add a personal touch to your store’s visual identity. Originality is the thing that will attract customers the most.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond?

Better not. It’s not the point to show everything, you can also canalize your customers with the way you use the lights. It’s the most elegant guiding method. You can make a perfect setup, but if the light is not good it’s all for nothing. Although accent lighting is the ace up your sleeve, most common mistakes regard primary lighting as an overall illumination of the space. Don’t make your primary lighting too dim because you don’t want to make it hard to see for your customers. But don’t make it too bright, either. You’ll lose the ability to guide them. It’s always the best choice to create the contrast. It’s a good idea to add some ambient lighting in order to create a dramatic effect but never overdo it. The same goes for accent lighting - choose carefully which products you want to accent. Always try to figure out which product has the most chance to be overseen.

Let the World Know About Your Story

This is one of the key things. You can create a wonderful world inside your store, but that means nothing if nobody knows it exists. There are so many ways of marketing nowadays that it has actually reduced visibility. Since most of the marketing methods went online, you should do just the opposite. Position yourself in the middle of everyday life, on the street. That doesn’t mean you just need a genius design you’ll hand out to every passerby. The design is important, but you have to know where and how to display it. Instead of doing it yourself, hire some professionals like DisplayMe brochure stands who will make the streets become one big invitation into the story of your products. The same way you deal with colors, signage, and lights in order to create your world, let others do their magic in order to put that world of yours on the map. 


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