The Importance of Big Data in Recruitment

We take a look at how the Big Data space is making recruitment more effective


The recruitment space is fast moving and heavily reliant on technology - it’s become an industry of first-adopters, first within social media and now within Big Data and analytics.

Big Data has been used in a variety of industries to make better decisions and also to drive new avenues for revenue and growth. It is however not the only tool that companies need in order to recruit the best talent, but it certainly gives companies another option from which to design and implement new hiring strategies.

If a company is experiencing high turnover, it’s likely that there will be an entrenched, reoccurring problem that’s causing the issue. Whether it be commuting times, a repeated incident with a specific manager or inflexible working hours, data can help find solutions to these problems and it’s because this that analytics within HR has a high adoption level.

Big Data has made great strides in a company’s ability to predict when and how it should approach potential employees. From understanding which boards will yield the most responses, to discovering a specific time which prospective candidates are more likely to respond to a job role, predictive analytics uses huge pools of data to discover valuable trends and the facets of a job description which attracts the best talent to the role.

Start-ups such as ‘Gild’ have also caught the eye of many, helping recruiters delve deeper into the the actions of web developers and scouring their public code and professional knowledge to give recruiters an accurate image of the quality of their work. Although concentrated within a niche area, there’s considerable opportunity for this to be expanded to new roles in the near future.

As mentioned before, technology in itself is having a real impact on the way recruiters attract and retain employees. With software programmes such as ‘the Resumator’ now used to compliment more hard-line data driven programmes, technology is reshaping the recruitment world and allowing companies to attract the best talent.


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