Tech Innovation: Hottest Bikes And Bike Gear for 2016

We look at what's taking the market by storm this year


2016 promises to be a big year for cyclists as there are some great new bikes and bike gear available for the novice and intermediate rider that are ready for new equipment. Whether you are just starting out or you are ready to grab some new equipment to get your riding season started, there is plenty to choose from this year that is sure to get your heart pumping and your legs itching to ride more miles than ever before. Make sure to choose your bike and bike gear based on your specific needs as every rider is different and has different requirements to ensure a safe, fun, and exhilarating ride.

The Hottest Bikes for 2016

2016 promises to bring lighter, faster, and more comfortable bikes to the market. The following are a few of the top new technologies hitting the shops this year:

Bianchi Specialissima

This Italian bike is the perfect choice for anyone with a penchant for lightweight climbing bikes. It contains the well-known tube shaping with aerodynamics to make racing up mountains a breeze. However, not only does it make uphill battles seem easier than ever before, but it also gives you great balance and stamina on those downhill treks. This is one bike that will help you feel grounded, yet capable of just about anything on the road, ride after ride.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo

The SuperSix Evo has been remodeled for 2016. With new aerodynamics and sleek tubing, this bike is one not to be messed with this year. What experts love the most about this bike is its low weight – even lower than the previous model. In fact, it is 67 grams less than last year’s model, which was already hitting the scales pretty light. What might throw you off is the similarities this bike has to it's previous model, but it is in looks only. The lines and shape look identical, but the similarities end there. This bike promises to be a legend for riders everywhere, transforming your ride in 2016.

Scott Solace 20 Disc

If you are in search of a comfortable bike with all of the bells and whistles, the Scott Solace 20 Disc is the bike for you. With oversized seat tubes and frame, this bike promises the best of both worlds – speed and comfort. The design of this bike offers the stiffness necessary for the desired power with the flexibility to provide the comfort you need while riding. This model, along with the various other Scott bikes, has a 4-disc model and a carbon frame for easy riding.

The Hottest Bike Gear for 2016

The hottest bike gear for 2016 is lightweight, comfortable, and safe, giving you no excuses not to hit the road or trails this year. The following are some of our favorite bike gear you need for a road bike tour this year:

Bike Clothing

No bike ride is successful without the right clothing. Lightweight, breathable, and easy to layer is what you need to look for because you never know what elements you are going to encounter from ride to ride. From wind vests to splash jackets and bib shorts, there is a large variety of bike clothing to choose from to perfect your ride.


It goes without saying that your ride is not safe without the right helmet. Road cycling helmets are not a one-size-fits-all product, nor is there one type that is right for everyone. Understanding your needs for a helmet will help your ride be smooth, pain-free, and safe. You want to look for helmets that offer plenty of ventilation, comfortable aerodynamics, and breathable fabric to allow you to ride for hours without getting overheated or uncomfortable.

Body Armour

As important as it is to wear layers when you ride, body armour is the best way to protect yourself in the event that you have an accident. Protecting certain parts of your body including your arms, legs, elbows, knees, and feet are essential with things like gloves, sleeves, knee covers, and even racing socks for the ultimate protection of the most fragile parts of your body while riding.

The accessories used to enhance riding are just as important as the bike itself. While choosing the right bike for your ride might be the first step, overlooking the need for proper gear could be the reason your rides are not as productive, comfortable, and long as you would prefer. Remember to consider your exact needs to make your ride as comfortable as possible because what is right for you might not be right for the next rider and visa versa. Taking the time to research the different features available and comparing them to your exact needs is the best way to ensure that you have everything necessary to make the most of your rides in 2016.

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