Three Essential Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs

Do you have these customer service skills?


There are a number of skills that are necessary for success in customer service. It is one of the most demanding jobs out there. With the right outlook, however, it can also be among the most personally rewarding. Following are several skills that every employee should develop in order to thrive in their roles.

Excellent Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are essential for every person working in customer service. How people are spoken to and whether or not their opinions are heard will play major roles in determining how they view businesses. Good communication is loosely defined as the ability to communicate clearly and in a positive way along with the ability to listen attentively. Being able to speak in a cohesive and easy-to-understand fashion is simply not enough. More often the not, the surest way to appease irate consumers is to truly hear their concerns in an open and empathetic fashion. Thus, many people in this field can benefit from training that focuses on the development of empathy, the use of positive verbiage and listening habits that make people feel comfortable and valued. Attentiveness can go a long way towards building strong relationships and attracting and retaining loyal customers. Developing a strong sense of empathy and learning how to put the top communication strategies to use in high-tension situations are both vital steps for improving interpersonal skills.

The Ability To Project A Positive Outlook

While attaining and maintaining a positive mindset might not seem like a professional skill, this is more of an exercise in projecting positivity in order to quell negative emotions and set a positive tone for customer interactions. With the ability to word responses in a way that lacks glaring, negative connotations can help representatives create a rapport with customers that is conducive to finding mutually beneficial solutions. Thus, while customer service professionals do not always have to feel upbeat, they must have the ability to ensure that customers do. This skill makes it possible to deliver bad news without causing tension and while opening up the door to other possible solutions. This requires a diligent review of the verbiage that is currently being used with an emphasis on altering this verbiage to deliver the same message with far more positive results.

Good Negotiation Skills

Negotiations training is vital for creating effective and well-rounded customer service employees. Far too often, people make the mistaken assumption that negotiation is all about arguing to win. In reality, however, both parties should walk away from these encounters with a sense of accomplishment and a fair deal. Sadly, good negotiation is often overlooked in customer service with many companies opting to appease unhappy customers at their own loss. In large organizations, however, it is vital to have standard practices for dealing with common issues in order to limit or even avoid significant loss. When this is the case, the ability to negotiate allows customer service representatives to guide customers towards feasible, acceptable solutions, without either party feeling as though too much compromise has been made. Not only does training in negotiations benefit companies, but it can also supply a number of impressive and lasting advantages to employees. This can help them develop negotiation skills to negotiate salary increases. Effective negotiators will be able to devise clear and well-researched arguments, understand the balance of interests and maintain a willingness to compromise in order to reach a fair arrangement.

Although there are certainly other skills that customer service training should include, good communication, positivity and strong negotiation skills are among some of the most essential factors to focus on. With these three things, customer service reps can appease more clients, foster stronger customer relationships and even negotiate on behalf of their interests and the interests of the companies they work for. They can also recognize the tremendous satisfaction that this type of work supplies when done properly. 


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