Why You Should Include Design in Your Web Content

Design is now almost as important as content, here's why


Professionals will always want to maintain professionalism, especially on their websites. This is something that determines the performance of one’s website and business in general. When you post content on your website, you can customize it to create a better visual appeal. This can be done by adding a mixture of colors and images that match with the theme of the website. Most importantly, you can use a clearly visible font while ensuring the background of each page is made impressive and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you create great looking pages for your website:

Distinction from competitors

When you make a website for a business, you will be required to make it as unique as possible to separate it from your competitors. This is a universal and effective tactic used in all sales processes and ultimately that is what websites do; sell. Generally you are selling a product, information or traffic (ads). There are many websites that look similar around the world but when you dig into the numbers, you will realize the performance of such websites is not as reliable. Most of these websites are not able to retain clients and there is confusion when it comes to appearing on search engines. For your website to appear unique, you need to choose your own specific theme that is easily identifiable by customers.

Gain more trust

Visitors are easily convinced that a well designed, professional looking website is run by a genuine company. People can easily trust your website and the authenticity of the services you offer based on the quality of website you have. Therefore, you need to hire an experienced designer to help you create pages that allows visitors to have an easy time while navigating through the website.

Gain more from search engines

If the website is updated with high quality content, more users will share links to the content if they find it interesting, something that helps to increase the amount of traffic. When a website is featured on other sites or just shared on social media, it stands a high chance of recording more visits.

Great first impression

Before customers place an order online, they will first look at the overall design of the website and in most cases users are made to believe nice looking websites offer reliable services. For this reason, having good looking pages may lead to more orders. A cheap and poorly made website may make visitors shy away from purchasing from your company.

Offer quick access

When placing orders and making requests, clients are often repulsed by poorly constructed websites. Most people prefer placing orders on website that are easy to navigate. Having a professionally designed website allows your visitors to have easy time accessing various features on different pages.

Don’t look cheap

Plain websites that are made with a consistent single font and no designs look cheap and make visitors get an impression the owner is not well prepared for business. Therefore, you need to ensure the website is designed properly to include images and animations. It can also be made compatible with different devices and WordPress for more functionality.

Consistent brand identity

To maintain brand identity you may need to ensure all pages maintain consistency as far as logos and icons are concerned. This further helps to set the website apart from many other competitors offering similar services and visitors can easily identify the website.

Visitors spend more time on the page

When visitors find something interesting about your website, they will spend more time browsing through different products and this could lead to increased conversions to becoming customers or repeat vistors.


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