The value of diversity for your brand and content

Ahead of Innovation Enterprise's Content Marketing Summit, we spoke with Nina Semczuk, head of SEO content at Fairygodboss, about diversity and its value for your brand


Businesses with a healthy mix of men and women are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors and those with a proportionally high number of employees from a range of ethnic backgrounds are 35% more likely, according to research by McKinsey & Co.

Fairygodboss is one company that absolutely recognizes the value of diversity in the workplace. With its tagline "join millions of women rooting for you", Fairygodboss is a platform for empowering women in the workplace by providing company ratings, job listings, discussion boards and career advice.

We spoke with head of SEO content at Fairygodboss, Nina Semczuk, about the value of diversity for your brand and how to promote transparency through your marketing efforts.

Innovation Enterprise: Fairygodboss is all about elevating women in the workplace. How can leaders effectively and authentically encourage diversity in their company?

Nina Semczuk: At Fairygodboss's recent summit, GALVANIZE: Making Women's Resource Groups Powerful, five imperatives emerged to drive diversity:

1. Leaders must create a sense of urgency around diversity efforts

2. Use data to both prove the business case for diversity as well as power the conversation

3. Diverse employees must be promoted into positions of power

4. Unconscious bias needs to be addressed starting at the recruiting and hiring level all the way to the top

5.Leadership has to be adaptable and be willing to try different methods to achieve diversity objectives.

IE: Do you think positive discrimination is the best way to encourage women and minorities to enter fields that have been typically dominated by white males? If not, what's the best method for achieving this?

NS: One of the topics discussed at our summit was using quotas. Some top leaders were in favor of imposing quotas in order to reach diversity objectives; however, that opinion was opposed by others who saw it as detrimental for both sides of the equation.

Another method is to increase outreach and training programs that source from diverse communities, rather than relying on the same top colleges and internal referrals that recruit the same white males dominating the particular industry.

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IE: What are the benefits of having a diverse team for your brand?

NS: Studies show that the business case for diversity is solid: Diverse teams increase revenue, generate more creative ideas, decrease employee turnover and help propel an inclusive workforce. If you want to reach a broad audience, and be inclusive, your team needs to reflect that.

IE:What does diversity mean to consumers today?

NS: It seems like now, more than ever, consumers recognize the importance of supporting diverse companies. A company that embraces inclusivity earns a loyal consumer base by demonstrating that its values reflect those of its audience.

IE: How can you promote your brand's diversity to your audience without it coming across transparent and inauthentic?

NS: We're advocating for transparency, so I don't think coming off as transparent is a bad thing at all. The more honest and open company leadership is about their current diversity status, as well as their diversity goals, the better. Plus, if companies are taking concrete steps to improve the diversity of their workforce, and being public about it, that goes a long way. Salesforce, for instance, did a pay gap audit a few years ago and realized there was a problem. Rather than burying it, they publicly announced that they were putting money behind addressing and fixing the problem. They may have worried they put their reputation on the line, but their transparency held leadership accountable and ensured they were walking the talk and being authentic. Employers can also avoid appearing inauthentic by showcasing their employees' stories as they are the greatest ambassadors for a company's culture.

Employer branding is in its adolescent years, but soon it will be normal for job seekers to know a company's diversity breakdown. Candidates want to know what the company is like before investing time in applying, interviewing and finding a role.

IE: Do you have any tips on toeing the balance between your content being SEO-friendly while remaining authentic to your brand?

NS: I think it's easy to do both. I see modern SEO content as being informative, evergreen and well-written – all elements essential to many brands. Our non-SEO articles tend to cover more trending, time-sensitive news, which is also relevant to our readers, but has a shorter expiration date. If anything, our SEO content is the most authentic to our brand because it's aimed at answering the burning career questions our audience turns to Google for.

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