The use of AI in education set to increase dramatically

Artificial intelligence in the US education sector set to grow at a CAGR of nearly 48% between 2018–22


The artificial intelligence (AI) in education market in the US is set to grow at a rapid rate of nearly 48% during the forecast period of 2018–22, according to research by ResearchandMarkets.

AI is being used increasingly in the US education sector to help teachers provide customized education experiences for pupils by utilizing functions such as speech recognition, learning and problem solving.

Of the growth, ResearchandMarkets commented: "In the US education sector, AI is increasingly used to enhance student learning; intelligent interactive programs using various technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning help in overall learning of students."

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The report also noted that one of the biggest trends in the market over the forecast period will be the utilization of chatbots which use AI, machine learning and deep learning to store, process and communicate data to pupils.

ResearchandMarkets also noted that the growth will be driven primarily by a growing emphasis on customized learning paths in which teachers rely on machine learning technologies to turn student data into actionable insights into their performance.

However, the growth of the market is expected to be hindered by the costs associated with AI systems in education. 

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