​The Top Five Ways To Ensure Your Project Team Is Successful

Successful Teams Mean Successful Projects


At the heart of every successful project team is a fantastic project manager and the different aspects we talk about in this article including; resources, goals, roles, recognition and sponsorship.

When you complete project management training and earn your shiny new PM qualification you are very much aware of what it takes for your team to reach success. With this knowledge you recognise that actually, the bare minimum for teams to be successful isn't something that costs lots of money, requires lots of effort or that needs a lot of energy or time. The bare minimum to ensure team success isn't complex. The only thing you will need to adapt and progress is the right attitude and behaviour surrounding the essential base to a successful project team which includes:







With your resources you must focus on both time and talent. Your team members must be willing to put in the time to make the project succeed. Your team must be talented enough to complete the jobs that need doing and motivated enough to get the job done.


As the project manager, you should be able to create or provide realistic goals within the associated time frames so your team can be successful. Failing to set and communicate well thought out goals is a common reason that projects and teams fail.


Your team will not work effectively if they don't work together. Communicating well and collaborating well are essential to team success, and each team needs these skills to contribute to overall project success. Each team member needs to be ready and able to contribute but also, as project manager, you need to be ready and willing to recognize each team member's strength, individual roles and input. It is also really important the team has an excellent mix of skill sets relevant to each project; whether that's understanding business analysis , organizational skills or technical knowledge.

If you have up to 7 core team members and then additional resources as well, you will be able to effectively utilize all the skill sets and contributions from each different team member. Be sure to fully understand their skills, interests and availability so you can correctly understand their roles.


It doesn't matter how confident your team members are, they will desire and need recognition because everyone needs recognition. People want to know that they are valuable, and what they have to offer is valuable. This is where the soft skills of a project manager come in to play because showing your appreciation can ensure a team member fully commits to the project, fully commits to the organization, and fully commits to the big picture.


The team sponsor should be an influential person who is truly involved in the work of the team. The person should be able to have a personal relationship with the project and the team, whilst also having a relationship with a higher authority. This helps ensure success as this helps promote enthusiasm.

Consider these five essentials and think about how you measure up in each area with your team. It may be that you need to make a few simple tweaks, you might need to adjust your team accordingly, or you might even need to consider some further project management training courses to get yourself up to speed. 

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