The Top 5 Most Valuable Teams In Baseball

Major League Baseball is very much big business stateside


While it has assuredly lost some steam to the NFL behemoth in recent years, Major League Baseball is very much big business stateside. Every day, you're still bound to see throngs of regional fans lining up to spend a day or night at the ballpark, grabbing a few beers, hot dogs, and super-sweet confections on the way to their seats.

Of course, there are some that get a little more of that concession dollar than others. Here, we're going to outline 5 of the most valuable teams in the whole Major League Baseball, though it shouldn't come as a shock if you're a true fan of the game.

1. The New York Yankees (3.4 Billion)

Of course the Yankees are the most valuable team in the league. If you were to think of any team that basically encompasses the sport, you're going to think of the iconic logo and those pinstripes. Most non-baseball fans have at least one Yankee cap in their closet. It's become a fashion statement.

When you think of the best baseball players of all time, you can reasonably expect that quite a few of them have laced up the cleats for the Yankees at least once. What's more is that they've always been kind of known to poach some of the best talent from other teams, constantly solidifying themselves as a team in contention for another title.

Speaking of titles, this is the team with the most - 27 in total. The next best team, the Cardinals, possess half that number. Lastly, if you still aren't convinced that this is quite possibly the most renowned team in the whole United States, consider that they're the third most valuable franchise on the entire planet.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (2.5 Billion)

Holding down the west coast isn't easy; there's a lot of great baseball played on the left coast. However, the king by some distance is in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has long been one of the best sports cities on the planet, attracting both the casual fan and the Hollywood elite alike.

Front office wise, this is as solid of a franchise that you'll find in terms of both on-field play and marketing. Not every team is the Yankees in culling talent and translating it into winning the whole thing, but the Dodgers have a storied history that has amassed 9 titles in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

Off the field, their marketing is probably only second to the Yankees, as their brand is well represented both stateside and across the globe. When you can have such an American thing as baseball represented across the globe, you know you're doing something right.

3. Boston Red Sox (2.3 Billion)

Boston sports love is more akin to something found in soccer than in most baseball stadiums. They're loud, boisterous, unforgiving, and they love it. There's a reason why they clock in number three on this list, as there may not be any other franchise with more diehard fans per square foot.

Many a Boston resident live and die for this team and their players return the favor with some of the most impressive baseball and dominant runs than we've seen in the past decade or so. Sure, there's a chance that they'll always take a backseat to their blood rivals from New York, they'll be the first to tell you that they possess the most fervent fans in the whole game.

4. San Francisco Giants (2.25 billion)

The Giants from the Bay are one of those other west coast teams that always seem to come in when it counts - especially in the past ten years. They play some of the grittiest baseball in one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet. It seems as if this team can never be counted out, something that often makes sports betting websites unpredictable.

They're always one play from flipping baseball on its head and making another run for a title. That kind of consistent athletic performance can easily drive up the worth of your team. With San Fran coming in at a cool 2.25 billion dollars, there may be a chance for them to jump up a few ranks before it's all said and done.

5. Chicago Cubs (2.2 Billion)

What else can be said about the lovable losers? While they're probably one of the best teams in baseball these days, we're all pretty sure that it wouldn't matter. This is a fan base that would show up if the team lost all of their games.

In fact, we've almost seen it happen a few times since their last title in 1908. Wrigley Field is one of the country's oldest stadiums and the home of easily the most devoted fans in professional sports.

Baseball revenue definitely isn't where it is in years past, but we can't feasibly see any of these teams giving up too much ground to any of the other sports franchises that we have in the country. These teams are so ingrained into the fabric of our society, most teams we have here just have started far too late.

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