The Top 5 Advantages of Hiring a Moving Company for Your Startup

Your startup is used to doing things the cheap way, but you shouldn't skimp on your new digs.


When deciding on how to move your startup into a new office, you are naturally looking to save money however you can. As a result, many people discount the possibility of using a moving company. However, there are many great benefits to using movers, that actually end up making it far more worthwhile to your company. Here are some reasons why.

It Will Save You a Lot of Stress

Moving is usually an extremely stressful process, and so is running a business. When you have so much to worry about as a CEO, you don’t want to add anything else to your plate, let alone something as stressful as moving an entire workspace to another location. Using a moving company will take away a lot of the unwanted stress, and make your job—and the jobs of your employees—a lot easier.

It May Actually Save You Money

It would be easy to assume that the cheap way to move offices is to do everything yourself, or with the help of a few employees, but this is not the case. In fact, it could actually end up costing you more. If you factor in the time spent moving everything, and take into consideration your salary, plus that of your employees, you would probably be better off using that money to hire some professionals. You will also be losing money if you and your employees are not able to do their jobs while they are busy on moving day.

You also need to consider the cost of gas and any potential damage that may occur as a result of amateurs shifting valuable equipment. If anything important gets damaged, you will end up paying much more for it.

It Saves a Lot of Time

Time is money, and absolutely essential to any startup that is going to succeed. When you are wasting time moving desks and chairs around, your clients are going to lose faith in you, and your competitors are going to get a head start. And even if you decide to move outside of work hours, those extra long days that the typical entrepreneur works anyway, will only get longer.

Everything Will Be Insured

We’ve discussed the possibility of certain valuables being damaged in the process of moving. Although it is far less likely, damage is not a completely impossible scenario when you hire movers. The difference in this situation however, is that if anything gets damaged in the move or by the movers, it will all be insured, and you will be compensated accordingly. This potentially saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

It is Much More Efficient

New York City movers are going to know New York better than anyone else, Vermont movers are going to know Vermont better than anyone else, and so on. Moving companies that work in specific areas know the cities and roads, and are experts in their local neighborhoods. If you hire a local moving company, you won’t have to worry about extra time being eaten up by bad traffic or getting lost, and you know that your office essentials will all arrive in one piece, in a timely manner.

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