The Role of An Internal Strategy Group

I take a look at the importance companies should be placing on customer experience


For many companies, the process of getting an application, website or product to the market is often deemed the most difficult hurdle for companies to overcome, but unfortunately, that really is just the start. More than ever it's the ability to offer an experience that's the most difficult part of creating a successful offering.

I remember when apps first made their way to the market, it was almost a badge of honour to get as many of them on your phone as possible. Unfortunately for application providers, that enthusiasm can no longer be relied upon, 80-90% of people who download an application will use it once and then delete it.

In fact, only 16% of people will use an app more than once, with most smartphone and tablet users having a core set of applications (ranging from 1-20) that they use on a regular basis.

This is caused by a trend that's seen consumers dissatisfied with a service that just offers solutions, increasingly customers want to be able to associate positive experiences with a product and that is now the key to producing something that lasts.

An interesting example of this was AutoTrader, the online car dealership which released adverts that were based on the the site's new digital search tool, which enabled faster and smarter results. Now despite there being a whole host of similar products online, AutoTrader differentiated itself by focusing on the positive experiences that the consumers will have, primarily in regard to convenience, one of the most important aspects within a disrupted industry.

The strategy department's role in all of this is significant because consumers perceptions of 'a positive experience' is far from constant. Instead, it fluctuates all the time in line with advancements in technology and the level of disruption within a particular industry.

Creating a worthy product then is a difficult task, but it's one that strategy department's have to be ready to tackle head on as disrupted environments are often difficult to predict and ultimately plan for. This make the role of the strategy department even more important to a company's internal processes not only as a way of getting products out to the masses, but also as a way of understanding customers.


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