The robots are coming: The jobs at risk first

RS research outlines the jobs that are going to be threatened by AI in the near future


The idea of a robot replacing a living, breathing human sounds like something from a dystopian movie. In reality, the era of AI is closer than it's ever been. AI is evolving at such a rapid rate, as many as 30% of all jobs in the UK might be at risk.

But it won't be a case of turning up on a Monday morning and finding a robotic co-worker sitting opposite you at your desk. It's manual tasks where the greatest threat of replacement lies, with factory lines potentially swapped out for machines that can carry out more work, in less time.

study from RS has highlighted the eerie mechanical future we're edging towards. Their report found as many as 46% of jobs in the manufacturing sector are currently under threat. That translates to 189,000 potential jobs which could be usurped by AI by the year 2030.

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The numbers don't make pretty reading across the board. Here are some of the other sectors where there's a strong risk of replacement in the coming years:

  • 56% of transportation and storage roles
  • 32& of jobs in finance and insurance
  • 22% of arts and entertainment
  • 9% of education sector roles

Worried about your job? It might be worth checking out what RS has to say about the threat posed by artificial replacements:


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