The Power of Facebook

Looking at 2014 Activity on Facebook


Facebook has become one of the best tools for marketers looking to engage with their audience, but what have their audience been posting this year…

The most discussed topic was this years Football World Cup. Not only was it the most talked about subject in 2014 but it was Facebook's biggest ever conversation driver and there were some great brands and sponsors who used this to capitalize, such as Nike, Adidas and Gillette.

The next most discussed topic was the outbreak of Ebola. Facebook became the tool that world leaders, aid organisations and medical workers used to spread the understanding of the the disease. It proved to be of huge benefit in increasing awareness, not only to raise money, but to inform and educate people on the symptoms and calming populations.

Other hot topics across the world were the Elections in Brazil, The death of Robin Williams, the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Gaza Conflicts, Malaysia Airlines, The Super Bowl (A regular contender), The Ferguson riots and the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Facebook is more than just a social media platform, as more and more people use the platform whilst interacting in political discussions and global news. It can help in crises, engage audiences in great sporting moments and cause debate through political controversy. Advertisers are ready to continue spending with Facebook as it has become the home of many conversations, helped by the vast amount of companies and celebrities who use it to communicate and share with their fans and customers.

Facebook is now ingrained into people's everyday life. We share, like, post, friend and support through it. Our activity is monitored to show us the most relevant advertising, based on location, interests, work and job roles directly through the news and our friends. In essence, we have become some of the best researched targets for brands to spend their advertising dollars on.

To see how we have all engaged more through Facebook, see their Year in Review.


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