The Most Innovative Storage Units You Can Get

The world of storage is being revolutionized to keep up with the increasing demand for space


It seems that we can never have enough storage in our homes and businesses, so many of us are looking outside of our own four walls to other places to store our precious goods and belongings. From fine wines, to vintage cars, storage units can be used for a whole host of different purpose; and to keep up with the demand for more storage and more niche storage requirements, the storage businesses are getting creative.

Storage bins

While the landscape of self-storage has remained fairly unchanged for the past few decades, offering the rental of a unit to customers at a secure storage facility, more and more companies are looking to extend their services to reach out to more customers and offer an even more convenient storage solution.

One of these innovations comes in the form of storage bins. Various companies now offer a service where they’ll drop off storage bins to your home that can be filled, then transported to a secure facility, such as a warehouse where they’ll be stored until you need them dropping off again. This is ideal for those who don’t need a huge amount of storage space or access to their belongings during storage.

Shipping containers

On a larger scale to storage bins, you’ll find plenty of people making use of old shipping containers these days and not just for storage either. Whilst they offer a vast amount of space for storing all kinds of items and are incredibly robust and built to last, they can also be repurposed into a usable space too. 

You’ll find storage units in all kinds of obscure and creative places from single units converted into home offices and workshops to more innovative concepts such as low-cost housing, retail stores, and even swimming pools. With the option to move them around and customise them, they can be dropped off for collection and left for you to use at your own location or filled and transported back to secure storage sites.

Climate controlled units

The other impressive innovation that you’ll see nowadays is climate controlled units. While traditionally units were a fairly standard makeup to store your items with very few added extras, now you’ll find high-tech units with climate control that can even be used for storing some food items or any kinds of items that may be sensitive to the elements. These kinds of units are also becoming popular for small retail outlets and pop-up stores too.

High-tech security technology

It also seems that storage units are undergoing a makeover in terms of security to meet the demands of some clients. Many business customers are now using storage units to store some of their most valuable assets, which include high-value stock and business archives. So you can now find a number of units which use the latest security technology to keep belongings safe, such as personal pin code access. 


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