The Guide to Visualizing Financial Data

How to present financial information that tells a story


FP&A teams are increasingly being challenged to not only produce and organize financial data, but also convey it through intuitive images. They need a reliable, efficient, and interconnected method of organizing and presenting their financial data.

Teams are turning to data visualization to more quickly and accurately inform the board and senior management of financial performance and business developments. They are able to tell better stories by making financial information concise and simple to understand, which, in turn, allows management to quickly get to the key factors that lead them to make better strategic decisions.

As finance teams explore ways to provide better visual representations of their data, they also should look for reporting solutions that enable them to ensure one central source of truth for information. The source should be linked into financial reports, dynamic, at-a-glance dashboards to management, and presentations—enabling readers to digest key messages rapidly.

The right reporting solution allows FP&A teams to create intuitive and compelling stories easily using graphs and charts, with the ability to drill down or show high-level trends on strategic measures. With the right methods and tools in hand, FP&A professionals can more effectively communicate with senior level audiences, without having to spend a great deal of time developing and explaining their message.

The AFP Guide to Data Visualization: How to Tell Number Stories with Pictures explores how finance professionals look at data visualization as a way to solve problems, identify patterns, and understand what's driving organizational performance. The guide also provides real-world examples of how FP&A teams are implementing visualization today.

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