The Future Of UX

We asked several experts which areas of UX excite them the most


Customers have been primarily interacting with brands digitally for some time now, a phenomenon that will only grow as more and more businesses go digital-first or even digital-only. A casual customer will almost certainly visit a brand’s website before making a purchase, and a committed customer will go as far as downloading the company’s app. In many cases, they will never meet a human employee.

This puts a huge emphasis on a brand’s digital products as the primary points of contact, and UX/UI design has skyrocketed in importance as a result. And, like the technology it appears on, UX must always evolve to keep up with user demands, while towing the fine balance between usability and simplicity. Ahead of the UX & UI Innovation Summit this June 12-13 in London, we asked seven UX/UI experts (all of whom are presenting at the summit) which areas of UX and UI design excited them the most for the future.

Vincenzo Zuccarello - Senior UX Architect at Aviva

UX Innovation is an amazing platform that gives us a lot of exposure but what really excites me is when people are helped in their daily lives, when a bad experience is turned upside down and made better for users.

Leo Marti - Senior UX Designer at BBC Worldwide

I'm really interested in the increased use of behavioural psychology to influence the users' behaviour.

I’d also like to learn more about Design Leadership, how teams should be structured, and how budgets should be distributed, to allow design teams to be efficient and flexible. I realise more and more how this as a huge impact on a team’s ability to work efficiently.

Joey Rabbitt - UX Expert

I find Human Centred Design really interesting because it always uncovers something your couldn't anticipate without involving the user.

Dennis Chirwa - Senior UX/UI Designer at Turnitin

UX design in general excites me. I love having the ability to influence how a person uses a particular feature or product by improving the usability. That said, if I was asked to pick one the it would most definitely be microinteractions. I find they play an important role in UX by making the smallest details more effective and fun to use.

Mark Shahid - Senior UX Designer at Sky Betting & Gaming

We haven't even scraped the edges of what good Machine Learning can do yet. The depth of contextually rich personal experiences that we've been seeing recently shows just how personal a system can be without the user even being aware.

Andru Dunn - Senior UI Developer at John Lewis

I really like progressive web apps and what we can start to serve users in an offline state. I think there is a lot of room for interesting and useful things we can offer users on patchy and lie-fi networks.

Tiago Marques - Senior UX Designer at Lloyds

Open banking – the use of APIs to allow businesses with a strong technological background to have a go at financial services, and reflect and experiment about banking, which could lead to a lot of innovative thinking in the industry.

You can hear from many more leading UI and UX experts at the UX & UI Innovation Summit, taking place this June 12 - 13 in London. To see the full schedule, click here.


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