The digital marketing trends you should know about for 2019

Trends in digital marketing are constantly evolving and being on the right side of one can mean the difference between the success or death of your business


Any successful brand needs a good digital marketing strategy. However, to succeed, you need to be on top of trends that can widen your reach and impress consumers.

Here are some of the trends you should follow in 2019:

Smart speakers

While smart speakers aren't directly connected with digital marketing, smart devices like the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomePod are taking over the world. In fact, 65% of consumers who own one of these claim that they wouldn't go back to not having them.

Now, publications will likely use smart speakers to publish their audio content and as a bonus, the companies producing them will have to monetize the content they provide. This means that there will eventually be a more active advertising option.

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Video keeps growing

Video has taken the world by a storm and has no intention of stopping. For one, live video popularised by YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have gained a lot of attention. In 2016, more than 80% of Internet users watched more live video than ever before.

Users are more likely to buy a product if they see something on live video and more than 45% would pay to see a beloved celebrity or Influencer in an online stream.

Regular video will account for 85% of all traffic by 2019 and 54% of users are already watching video content on social media. Video ads are also on the rise, accounting for 65% of the impressions on Instagram.

Chatbots become a normal thing

Chatbots have proved to be one of the fastest growing trends in recent years. Most companies have their own chatbots and these are currently one of the best representations of AI. You can find them on company web pages or messaging apps.

People have started to expect a chatbot when they land on a page. “Chatbot technology learns and adapts, providing customers and easier way to communicate with the company. The companies, in turn can use the data provided by the chatbots,” says Levi Manningford, a digital marketing insider at Origin Writings.

10 second ads

As a result of the high volume of video content across the Web, the attention span for this type of content has become limited. Brands find it more and more difficult to create videos that retain consumers’ attention until the end.

If we are talking about a five-minute video, only 9.42% of users originally watching the same video will remain interested. When the video reaches 60 seconds, more than half of the audience will stop watching. In essence, the shorter the video, the larger the audience.

This is why the 10-second video ads or ‘snack ads’ are becoming more and more common online.

Social media influencers

Influencers' reach keeps widening, some with more followers than there are citizens in small countries. This is important information for any marketer.

In the past, brands asked influencers to openly endorse their products or services, but consumers are aware of this practice now and the influencer marketing strategies that worked in the past are no longer effective.

A subtler approach is coming into play. Developing long term relationships allows the two parties to grow as partners and create a more organic approach while also preventing the influencers from abandoning the brand.

Transparency will be essential

The stigma of deceit, exaggeration and unethical advertising techniques that exists around marketing has been there for decades. Because of this, it is really hard to impress customers, especially with all of the information and social proof available online.

This is why companies are taking on the approach of transparency - a trend set to grow in the future. They admit their shortcomings and faults while addressing bad feedback directly. The main focus is forming relationships and building trust.

Ashley Deibert at Forbes writes, “those that have embraced authenticity and transparency (Dove, Airbnb) find consumers will do the marketing for them. Those that have fought it (Uber, Pepsi) continue to struggle to regain footing with an audience who will watch their every move, waiting to pounce when the first signs of negativity arise".

Continued focus on mobile

Mobile marketing is somewhat of a no-brainer. Considering that 1.2 billion people use mobile devices worldwide – not only as a simple tool but as a vessel for almost all content – it would be foolish not to utilize it.

Digital marketing can be quite complex and fickle, requiring many things to be done in order to be successful. However, by following trends like these, you can easily have a great digital marketing strategy.

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