The Changing Face Of Sales

We take a look at the platforms which have changed the sales environment


The sales game gas changed, there’s no doubt about that. The economic crisis altered the way people spend money and the internet has made information which was once the sole property of salesman widely available. 

People don’t return their calls and very rarely pick up the phone when they know a salesperson is at the other end of the line.

This has changed the dynamic of the ‘sale’ and has meant that salespeople have had to develop a new skill-set.

Whilst the job of the salesman is arguably more difficult than it was five years ago, there are a number of new tools which have become available that offer a degree of solace for salespeople. In the list below we take a look at a few of them;


LinkedIn was the world’s first professional social network. Launched in 2003, it’s since become one of the internet elite, with an Alexa rank of 13.

For salespeople it represents an invaluable pool of contacts. They can see whose viewed their profile and reach out to those people in order to understand what drew them to their profile in the first place.

The ‘groups’ function on LinkedIn has also become important, allowing salespeople to post interesting content which is likely to pique the interest of potential leads. These posts can be the catalysts for conversations, which of course, can eventually lead to sales.


Although Reachable’s popularity is dwarfed by LinkedIn, many sales professionals swear by it. The site’s picked up considerable steam on Forbes and ZDNet, and allows salespeople to leverage a large private network of contacts which they don’t already know.

Imagine you wanted to get in contact with Richard Branson - you would input your name and his, and the platform would generate people in your network who are most likely to be able to get you introduced to him - pretty sophisticated stuff.


CRM systems like Salesforce have become synonymous with sales orientated companies and are essential when tracking the sales pipeline.

Companies which implement Salesforce can look forward to a CRM system which is easily customisable and easy to use. It’s now probably become the salesperson’s most important tool.

These three platforms are different in terms of their functionality, but they all look to make salespeople better at their job.

It’s a different ballgame for today’s salespeople, but these companies demonstrate that it’s not all necessarily bad news.


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