The CFOs To Watch In 2015

In this rundown I take a look at the CFOs who are set to have a successful year


In this article we will go through four of the finance world's most promising stars, individuals who are likely to play a major role in their respective company's success over the year.

(1) Michael Everson, CFO, GE Healthcare

Michael Everson has been the CFO of a number of GE's healthcare branches, joining the company back in 2005 as Finance Manager of the Americas.

Last year he took control of GE's entire US Central Zone. At an Innovation Enterprise, FP+A summit he attached a new meaning to the FP+A acronym, changing it to 'Financial Business Partnering'. This was done to represent the new opportunities for financial planners and analysts in the field.

With a proven record of business strategy optimisation and a dedicated leader who promotes talent from within, Michael is well placed to bring GE's finance function forward as they drive towards their sustainability endeavours.

(2) Marin Ychakarov, CFO, Pebble

CFO of smartwatch manufacturer Pebble, Marin is likely to be in for a busy year ahead of the company's new software release in 2015. Still relatively new to the role at Pebble, Marin will have to rely on his 20 years of experience in global public, private and start-up companies.

With Pebble well placed to take the wearable-tech industry by storm, Marin will have to make sure that his finance function can deal with Pebble's probable success over the next year.

(3) Galagher Jeff, CFO, Walmat US eCommerce

Retail giants, Walmart, recently hired Galagher Jess to be CFO of their US commerce division.

Noted as being an excellent motivator and an excellent teacher, Galagher has always taken time to guide the people around him.

With Walmart looking to compete with Amazon by turning existing stores into distribution centres for its e-commerce section, it'll be essential that Galagher maintains a steady financial ship throughout the year.

(4) Jennifer Reilly, Business Unit CFO, TIAA-CREF

CFO of TIAA-CREF, the recruitment provider that works across academic, research and medical fields, Jennifer has a proven track record of success.

Highly detail oriented and possessing skills across a number of different fields, Jennifer has been a leading strategic finance figure for TIAA-CREF for a couple of years now, having direct leadership of the Accounting and Finance Operations for Marketing function.

As someone whose always been promoted quickly, it'll be interesting to see just how far Jennifer's career can go in 2015

This concludes the rundown. Let's hope that they all perform well and take their respective finance functions to the next level in 2015.


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