The best augmented reality apps to watch out for in 2018

Let's check out the top 8 augmented reality apps which are booming right now.


Don’t be shocked if someone comes to you explaining their business with the help of augmented reality in the next few years. Augmented Reality is among the best, most exciting technologies around us these days. Many of us have seen a lot of sci-fi movies showing a future world where the possibilities of AR technology are on full display.

A few years back, augmented reality was more or less a “Futuristic” concept. But with the launch of Android and Apple devices, utilizing GPS, camera and AR capabilities, we have made huge strides and made the concept widely adopted by the users.

The AR concept has not only encouraged tech giants but has also affected the way social media and marketing are taking place. If we are to believe the predictions from industry experts, AR markets should reach $122 billion by 2024!

Today, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft are trying hard to beat each other in the battle of augmented reality. To gain top position in the market, they are working hard to counter-attack each other’s work by launching various apps based on the augmented reality, including AR developer kits. Thus, AR is also one of the polarizing categories of apps and games in iTunes or Google Play Store.

But which AR apps you should look for? To help you out, we’re going to take a look at the most promising AR apps for Android and Apple in 2018.

1. Inkhunter (Android/iOS)

If you’re a tattoo lover and wish to know what suits you the best, then Inkhunter is all you need. This app helps you know what tattoo will look like on your body before you actually get it inked. All you’ve got to do is to draw a few lines on your body, let the camera of your phone capture those lines and the app will automatically put the tattoo you like there.

The only limitation of this app is that it will not work for complicated or detailed designs. However, if you want to get a rough idea about a tattoo of your choice, keeping in mind the simplicity, then this app can do wonders for you.

2. JigSpace (iOS)

Of course, videos and images are the best way to learn about the most complicated concepts, but what if you cannot visualize it with zeal? Well, that’s where JigSpace shines a ray of hope for you. It includes a library of animated 3D graphics in conjunction with text to help you visualize and understand how things work.

For example, if you wish to know how a specific musical instrument works, the app automatically scans the surrounding surface where it can virtually display the object. Once scanning is completed, you can perform zoom-in/out on the graphical interface, even can rotate it the way you want.

The app has limited set of tutorials available currently, but it greatly illustrates how augmented reality can help us in real life.

3. AR Flashcards (Android/iOS)

With AR Flashcards app, you don’t have to wait until your kid goes to school before the start learning basic charts, letters or spelling.

Just get your iPhone or Android device, point it to the printed flashcards and you’re done! It will generate a 3D animal pop on the screen of your device. You can tap on the animal displayed to hear what the name of it is. It is an engaging way for your kids to learn about various objects or animals while maintaining the funny quotient. It contains 26 animals to help your little one know about them before they actually start their schooling.

4.& Sky Map (Android/iOS)

When we think about the oldest AR app, Sky Map immediately comes to mind. Originally developed by Google, the app is well-known for displaying a so-called “Star Map”. Just hold your phone up to the sky and the app will show you the stars in the sky. If you are feeling bored and wish to try something entertaining, the Sky Map can be the best way to explore the sky above you!

5. Snapchat (Android/iOS)

Well, this app doesn’t require any introduction! Snapchat, one of the most widely known social messaging apps, brings innovative ways to connect with new people. When we talk about this app, we think about the unique features of it is a wide range of filters that enable you to put anything you want on your face.

Though the app is not utilizing AR technology at full strength, it brings some funny features for the users to get the feel of augmented reality.

6. TapMeasure (iOS)

Today, smartphones bring various utility tools, including calculator, watches, flashlight etc. But one basic utility is missing – a Tape measure. Well, with AR in place, it is no longer an analog task. TapMeasure is quite easy to use, all you’ve to do is to tap on the button available on mobile screen to mark the starting point, move your phone along the surface you want to measure and press the button again to stop the measurement. Such apps often justify the idea that smartphones are becoming the essential tool in our lives.

7. IKEA Place (Android/iOS)

IKEA, most popular home furnishing brand, has decided to get into the augmented reality and introduced catalog app. With the help of ARKit, IKEA Place app helps you to visualize how a wide range of IKEA home furnishing designs would look like in your home. Just scan your floor plan, select the furniture design you like and you’re done. You can drag and drop the selected designs and place them into the different corners of your home using your phone itself.

8. HomeSpotter (Android/iOS)

It is one of the most tedious things to do is try and find a good home to stay and spend a life in. The hunt for a good house property can be a daunting task, even though you have a variety of real estate sites and apps available to you. Of course, you can hire an agent to get the job done. But what if your agent is not available and you want to see the property? That’s where HomeSpotter comes into the picture.

It improves collaboration between you and your agent. You can view the images of the property without even opening files in another window. Moreover, it is easy to use text interfaces makes communication more effective. You can also leverage it from the multiple conversations to let your family and friends get involved in discussion with your agent.

This was our list of hand-picked augmented reality apps that you must look into in 2018. Do you think anything is missing? Do share your suggestions for any augmented reality apps you love.

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