The Best Apps To Help People Who Drive For A Living

Kick that distracted driving habit for good.


Whether you’re a trucker, a taxi driver, or something else, driving for a living can be one of the best careers out there. And with modern technology, we have a whole array of great apps to help make your job easier. There are apps to aid with fuel efficiency, directions, maintenance, and just about anything else you might need—if you know where to look. Here are some of the best apps out there for company drivers.

The Essentials

Google Maps

Hopefully - since you drive for a living - you are already aware of Google Maps, and have it downloaded on your phone. But just in case you don’t, while there are other map apps out there, Google is almost definitely the best.


Though Google has a traffic function, a lot of people - especially in big cities - prefer to use Waze when it comes to getting real-time updates about road delays in a given area.


You are probably getting reimbursed for your fuel expenses, but this is an essential app to have on any car owner's phone regardless. Choose between nearby gas stations and find out which is offering the cheapest fuel.

All About Safety


This app is a convenient tool for use while you are working. When the phone is in motion (in a car) it will automatically switch off text and calling functions, sending a reply stating that you are driving and will get back to them soon. performs a similar function, and there is some debate as to which does it better. will actually read your messages out loud to you as you receive them, which is an added bonus. It’s worth trying out both and deciding for yourself which you like better.



For when you are on the longer jobs, you are going to find yourself looking for places to eat in unfamiliar cities. OpenTable lets you look up local restaurants and reserve tables online. Foodspotting is another good option for a similar service.

Roadside America

If you are looking for a non-food break, Roadside America will let you know the quirkiest and most interesting roadside attractions in any given area, and will even provide you with “sunset alerts,” meaning it also doubles as a great road trip planner



Trucker Tools

For the truckers out there, this is a really useful app that’ll let you know where all the truck stops are on your route, give you real-time gas prices, and let you know what kind of amenities are available at each stop, such as showers, food, and so on. Trucker app is another good one for those who are looking for a GPS function that will alert people along your route.


This is another app that is great for all drivers, but especially those who drive for a living. It will let you look up your routes and view user-verified information about where speed traps commonly exist. Great way to avoid those unwanted tickets!


These two apps together monitor your fuel efficiency in real time, and allow you to make sure that you are getting from A to B in the most efficient manner. A great time and money saving tool.

There are a ton of other great apps out there for company drivers, so it’s worth doing your research and finding the ones that will transform your daily drive. These are a few of the better ones out there, but the best way to find out what works is to check some out for yourself. Good luck, and happy driving!

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