The 7 Best Apps For Winter

Winter is coming, but don't worry, there are apps for that


Winter on the East coast is bitterly cold. The snow makes it Christmassy, but for those who live there, the charm quick wears off. With temperatures often as low as -10, New York at night is only for the brave. And even if the El Nino has the effect predicted by meteorologists, it will still be very cold in December and January, just not as cold as it normally is.

Here are seven apps which could help you get through the winter.

Dark Sky

Snow is the most disruptive of all the elements. Dark Sky predicts snowfall in specific regions, predicting when it will start, finish, and how heavy it’s going to be.

This app comes into its own when you need to get into work on time. If we can predict when snowfall is going to subside it means we can plan on leaving earlier than we normally would.

Road Trip Weather

Traveling long distances regularly during winter is difficult to plan for. Road Trip Weather is a useful app because it keeps users up to date with real time weather changes during a specific journey.

If you’re traveling from New York to Chicago, for example, and it seems clear when you leave, Road Trip Weather will allow see whether it’s going to be as pleasant two hours into your journey.

Amazon Pantry

Pantry is available to Prime customers. Customers can use the service to consolidate as many retail items as they can into one large box before being delivered to their home. While the service offers an extensive range or products - thought to be about 2,000 - none are fresh, and instead are either cosmetics, toilet rolls or packaged foods.

For city dwellers, this could be an important service. With public transport systems at their most vulnerable during winter, a trip to the supermarket can be troublesome. For the elderly, Amazon Pantry could also deliver essential products to their homes when it’s unsafe to go out.

People living in rural areas, who have to travel longer distances to get groceries, could be benefactors too. Roads, either through snowfall or rain, can be dangerous, and being able to side step the journey makes this app a really useful one for the winter months.


Sometimes it’s just too rough to venture outside. When this happens, Netflix - or your streaming service of choice - takes on added responsibility. With a number of acclaimed shows on Netflix, there’s plenty of content for users to watch if outside conditions are bad.

Grub hub

Going out to get a takeaway in the winter can be an ordeal. Your food gets cold, and it can take hours to get back if the traffic’s bad. Grubhub has been around for a while now, but for quick ordering it remains the easiest way to get fast food.

First Aid by American Red Cross

This First Aid app gives users access to information about handling emergencies. The app includes videos, interactive quizzes and step-by-step advice to help stop an injury deteriorating.

The app doesn’t need an internet connection to work, so it can accessed at all times.


This is one of the most wide ranging weather apps available. It tracks hurricanes, storms and almost any meteorological system.

Like Dark Sky for snow, it predicts the start and end times for rainfall, by using data from the NOAA radar. The app is highly detailed, without being overly cluttered, and is a thorough tool for weather prediction.


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