The 5 Attributes That Define A Great CMO

Marketing is changing, it's the job of the CMO to keep up


Marketing teams have seen a broad shake-up of their responsibilities and capabilities in recent years, from the rise of social media and mobile devices to increased competition both on and offline. Here we look at the attributes held by great Chief Marketing Officers.

Drivers of new technology adoption

Whether it is establishing the use of a fantastic CRM software or pushing their brand to the forefront of mobile, VR, and wearable tech, to be a stand-out CMO in 2016 you must drive early technology adoption.

The best CMOs know that innovative digital strategies require complete integration within their team, with a constant focus on improving communications and efficiency.

The customer is ALWAYS the focus

The opportunity for brands to personalize each customer's experience has boomed through new technology strategies. The best CMOs not only understand just how important this is, but can foresee the positive correlation between a customer-centric approach, increased loyalty and commercial growth.

Understanding the importance of meaningful data measurements and how to use them

An innovative and creative marketing strategy is great, but it is nothing without clear KPIs and intricate measurements to analyze. World-leading CMOs know that it is vital to understand the exact ROI for each initiative; whether it is increased sales or simply more brand awareness.

These meaningful insights can then be shared with everyone from their board to individual staff to highlight fantastic areas of work.

Cross-company alignment

It isn’t just the sales team which should be working side-by-side with marketing, leading CMOs understand the importance of looking beyond their traditional job verticals and creating a mutual sharing of progress and initiatives from the development team to the boardroom.

As a constant source of innovation, a strong CMO understands what the next growth areas are and can play a crucial role in the growth and diversification of the business.

Transparent and agile leadership from the ground up

It has never been easier to measure the impact of marketing campaigns than in 2016 - good CMOs use this sea of data offer their team real-time feedback, whether positive or negative, to establish a transparent strategic plan for growth.

Agility is perhaps the modern CMOs greatest asset, in a world where trends ‘go viral’ marketing teams need to be able to instantly divert from, or add to, a particular strategy. The days whereby marketing plans are curated months in advance are well and truly over.

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