The 4 Hottest Trends In Digital Advertising Right Now

What are the big things happening in digital today?


In May this year, Mary Meeker, an American Venture Capitalist with an appetite for digital technology, released her ‘Internet Trends’ report. One of the industry’s most eagerly anticipated commentaries, it outlines the major trends in digital technologies and how companies can gain from them.

In this article we outline four of the report’s most prominent trends;

Mobile over desktop

There are now 2.1 billion mobile internet users, a figure that’s just below standard desktop use. However, mobile usage increased by 23% from last year’s totals, meaning that it’s a development that’s likely to pick up further steam as we move forward.

On the back of this, the amount of mobile ads increased by 76% in 2014, pushing the industry’s value to $50 billion. In the final quarter of 2014, online ad revenues reached $12.1 billion - with financial services and automotive companies the leading spenders.

Google’s algorithm change is only likely to accentuate this trend, as companies will have to get used to treating mobile optimized content as a priority.

Pinterest is for men too

71% of Pinterest’s users are women.

With the social-network set to sell adverts for the first time, their main aim for this year is to attract more men.

To do this, Pinterest has started filtering results based on gender so that males can avoid content, like female shoe-collections, which aren’t relevant to them. Females will have the option to do the same, meaning that adverts can be targeted more specifically.

It seems to be working, Pinterest announced that all male visitors combined spent 1.76 billion minutes on the site, up from 359 million in 2014.

Facebook’s still growing, but it’s slowing down

In her report, Mary Meeker identified that Facebook’s revenue per user was slowing down.

Growth certainly hasn’t plateaued, but it’s not as high as it used to be. Considering that growth was nearly 60% last year, the 13% experienced in the last quarter of 2014 is a major concern.

What this basically means is that whilst Facebook is still an important platform, it isn’t as dominant as it used to be, emphasizing the importance of experimenting across a number of different channels.

Snapchat’s now a major player

Evan Spiegel’s creation is arguably the hottest social-network around today.

However, having labelled digital advertising as ‘creepy’ at the Cannes Lions advertising festival, Spiegel is clearly not comfortable with how most companies target their consumers online.

Concentrating on video ads which play within both user-generated and professionally produced content, Snapchat can call upon its 100 million strong daily users when it sells its digital ads.

At this year’s Coachella it drew 40 million video views, making it the perfect platform for advertisers who want to tap into the demographic likely to frequent California’s biggest music festival.


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